The central government is going to start the third phase of corona vaccination amidst the corona epidemic spreading in the country. According to the government, the third phase of vaccination will start from May 1. In this, people of all ages above 18 years will be vaccinated with Corona. In a meeting with doctors today, PM Modi said that for the last 1 year, the government is trying its best to give vaccine doses to as many people as possible in the country. Therefore, the government is announcing that now people above 18 years of age should be given the Corona vaccine from May 1.

Please tell that the corona vaccination was started in the country on 16 January. So far, more than one million people in the country have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine. Until now, the government had only allowed vaccination for frontline workers and those above 45.

In a meeting with doctors today, PM Modi said that the government has been working hard for a year to ensure that the maximum number of people in the country can get the vaccine in the shortest possible time.