All flights from India to Hong Kong have been banned. According to the information given by the authorities on Tuesday, the decision was taken in view of the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19. 49 passengers onboard flights from New Delhi to Hong Kong have been confirmed to be corona infected. All these passengers flew to Hong Kong on 4 April by an Indian operator Vistara. 

Let us tell that Hong Kong took control of the fourth wave of an epidemic this year. Since then, very few cases of infections are being reported here every day, but there has been increased concern about the passengers coming on this flight to India.

From Monday, flights from Pakistan, the Philippines, and India have been banned for two weeks. Indeed, infection of the highly threatened corona virus mutant strain N501Y is widespread in these countries. At present, the number of newly infected cases in India is more than 2.5 lakhs every day and there is a shortage of oxygen in all hospitals of the country including beds, medicines.