The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh is constantly making new efforts to tackle the second wave of coronavirus infection. The government may have refused to obey the Allahabad High Court's directive for a week of complete lockdown, but the government has given the verdict on weekend lockdown.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has decided to lockdown the weekend lockdown in the state from 9 am to 6 pm on Monday night after review from video conferencing with team-11 on Tuesday. During this period, along with the continuation of the much-needed service, a massive campaign of sanitization will also be run in the urban and rural areas.

CM Yogi Adityanath said during the review meeting that we are committed to safeguarding the life and livelihood of every citizen. Due to the lockdown in the state, there is no livelihood crisis in front of anyone, that is why we have decided to implement the Corona curfew strictly based on the circumstances of the present state. The Uttar Pradesh government has now decided to take Corona curfew and weekly bandh from 9 am to 7 am every Friday night. During this time, fogging, sanitization and cleanliness campaign will be carried out all over Uttar Pradesh. Now weekend lockdown has been imposed in Uttar Pradesh. The state will now be closed two days a week. Now everything will be closed except the essential services here. 

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's directions to Team-11

Moderation and patience is our biggest weapon amidst this catastrophe of Covid-19. The weekly lockdown (corona curfew) will be effective in the state on every Saturday and Sunday. Apart from this, in the districts where there are more than 500 active cases, every day activities will be restricted except for essential services from 08 AM to 07 AM the next day. This rule should be implemented with immediate effect.

- Every citizen contributes to make the Corona curfew a success. As far as necessary, do not get out of the house. Celebrate festivals and festivals at home. If you come out, then definitely apply mask. Do not get crowded in public places. It should be strictly implemented.

- Migrants are returning from Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi. Special vigilance is required in the border districts. Arrangements should be made for smooth movement of these migrant workers / laborers. Take necessary action by coordinating Home Department and Transport Department. There should be proper arrangement for testing and treatment of these migrant laborers.

- Vaccination is most effective in protecting kovid from infection. The covid vaccination campaign has been conducted better in Uttar Pradesh till now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has implemented the system of vaccination for all people above the age of 18 from May 1. His decision is welcome. This new phase of vaccination will prove decisive in the fight with Covid. All necessary arrangements should be ensured for major immunization starting from May 1.

- The state government is constantly taking steps to reduce the Covid infection amidst the changing circumstances. Kovid dedicated hospitals are being extended in all districts. ICUs and isolation beds are increasing every day. Adequate availability of all medical needs including oxygen is being ensured in the state. Do not get carried away by runoff.

There is a need to double the number of Covid beds in all districts of the state including Lucknow, Kanpur Nagar, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Meerut districts. Immediately, 200-200 beds should be expanded in all districts. These beds should be equipped with oxygen facilities. In this way, about 15,000 beds will be increased in 75 districts immediately. Deployment of an officer of Secretary level should be done for the purpose of expansion of beds in the state. This work should be done with the highest priority. Medical education minister and health minister should communicate with all district administrations in this regard and ensure action.

- Operate KGMU and Balrampur Hospital of Lucknow with full capacity as Dedicated Covid Hospital with full capacity. Similarly, Era, TS Mishra, Integral, Hind and Mayo Medical Colleges should be fully functional as dedicated Covid Hospital. Here non-covid patients can be shifted as far as possible. Currently more than 4500 beds are available in Lucknow. And the beds should be increased by adding the new hospital in L-2 and L-3 category. Separate nodal officers should be appointed for all hospitals in Lucknow. The conditions here should be constantly monitored through the Integrated Control and Command Center.

- More than 800 beds are available at the Swarup Rani Medical College and United Medical College in Prayagraj. It should be increased further. Private hospitals have beds in addition. RTPCR has higher positivity rate in Varanasi, more tests need to be done here. In the event that the speed of Kovid infection is increasing, more isolation and ICU beds are required here. In Kanpur, resources of GSVM, Rama, Narayana Medical Colleges as well as private hospitals should also be used for Covid.

- It is pleasant that patients who have undergone two doses of Covid vaccination, are recuperating in four to five days even if re-infected due to certain reasons. The discharge policy of the hospitals should be prepared accordingly.

Oxygen should be made available by monitoring the L-1, L-2 and L-3 hospitals separately. For smooth supply of oxygen, it is essential that oxygen supply is institutionally maintained with a minimum of 36 hours of oxygen backup in each hospital.

In view of the special circumstances of the present time, it should be ensured that the oxygen produced in all the small and big industrial units including the MSMEs in the state is used only for medical purposes. These oxygen plants should be connected to their nearest hospital. A comprehensive action plan in this regard should be prepared today. Private units that want to invest in the field of oxygen refilling should be encouraged. Immediate orders should be made regarding auto renewal of license of oxygen producers.

 Police protection should be done at all oxygen plants. GPS monitoring of oxygen vehicles should be done. Every possible action should be taken to prevent black marketing and profiteering of oxygen and other life saving drugs.

- The process of setting up five new oxygen plants has started in the state. It should be activated quickly. In view of the future, the setting up of oxygen plants in all hospitals with a capacity of more than 100 beds should be made compulsory. Modern technology like air separation unit should be encouraged. Its capacity should be increased in the state.

- Assessing the large population of Uttar Pradesh and the possible future situation, the demand for oxygen supply should be sent to the Government of India in a timely manner. Try to supply us from nearby cities of Uttar Pradesh like Modinagar, Panipat, Roorkee etc. The Minister of Medical Education should ensure the balance of demand and supply of oxygen. Any type of political intervention required, please inform immediately.

- Regular communication with persons living in home isolation is necessary. Medical kit given to persons living in home isolation should contain 07 days of medicine. There is currently no shortage of medicines. It should be reviewed every day.

- There is no dearth of any type of life-saving drugs including Remidacivir. Their availability is being ensured in all districts. Continuous contact should be maintained with manufacturing companies such as Jubilant Pharma, Cadila, Mylan and Cipla. Remedacivir will be supplied by Jubilant Pharma today. While 20,000 voids will be received from Ahmedabad from Cadila the day after tomorrow. Continuous communication with the rest of the companies should be done to ensure the supply of Remediesvir in the state.

- By making contact with the districts, smooth and transparent distribution of oxygen, ramdevir and other life saving drugs should be done. Take stringent legal action against the elements involved in black marketing of oxygen and life saving drugs.

- Pay special attention to reducing the response time of the ambulance. Reports should be obtained along with photographs of activities being carried out in the districts during sanitation, sanitization and fagging campaigns.

- The pending payment of the insurance amount of the corona warriors who died while performing duty in Kovid should be made immediately. This sentiment will be a big support for their families.

- 104 private laboratories and 125 public sector laboratories are engaged in Covid test work in the state. In this context, more than 3 crores 84 lakh Covid Tests have been done so far. On April 18, 2021, more than 19 thousand RT-PCR tests have been conducted by private laboratories. Further increase in testing capacity is necessary. All necessary efforts should be made in this regard.

- Make people aware of the importance of masks. There should be an action to impose a fine against those who do not believe in the appeal. Strictly implement the provisions of Containment Zone and Quarantine Center. Feedback from monitoring committees should be obtained from them.

- Ensure uninterrupted power supply in hospitals and units connected with oxygen production and refilling.

Special attention should be paid to Covid Protocol during wheat procurement. Wheat procurement process should be monitored continuously. There is no delay in payment.

- All necessary security arrangements should be made for the police force and other personnel working in the panchayat elections. Do not gather more than 05 people together in panchayat elections.