Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the country is fighting a big battle against the corona epidemic. We have to control the epidemic while continuing our economic activities. In a message to the nation, the Prime Minister made it clear that lockdown is the last option. He also appealed to the State Governments to focus on Micro Containment Zone.

This appeal of the Prime Minister comes at a time amid growing cases of the Corona epidemic when several states including Maharashtra, Delhi have started imposing strict restrictions like lockdown. The courts are also constantly worrying about the situation getting serious. Please tell here that the Allahabad High Court had ordered lockdown in the five big cities of Uttar Pradesh a day earlier, although the Supreme Court has imposed an interim stay on it.

Prime Minister Modi said that till now we have fought against Corona with patience and discipline. We do not lose our patience. He expressed confidence that we will all together win the battle against Corona.

PM Modi said, now we are more ready than ever 

PM Modi said that conditions were different in the first wave of Corona. We lacked resources. Now we are more ready than before. We have a large network of labs ready to investigate the cases. Continuously increasing the capacity of testing. The pharma sector is constantly working to meet the challenges arising from Corona. The government tries to save the lives of the people.

The Prime Minister said that after May 1, all people above 18 years of age will start getting vaccinated. The vaccine will continue to be free in government hospitals as before. He said that along with medicines, the production of vaccines is also being increased.

PM Modi made a special appeal to workers

Assuring workers returning to their homes in anticipation of a lockdown, the Prime Minister said that they should remain where they are. No one will be allowed to suffer. No one's job will be allowed to go. The business will also continue and measures will be taken to protect against the epidemic. Very soon, those people will also be vaccinated.