LIVE Bengal Election Result 2021:Game played in Bengal! TMC's hat-trick fixed, results for 152 seats so far

Trinamool Congress is looking at a hat-trick.

2nd May, 2021

The counting of votes for the Bengal assembly elections continues from 8 am on Sunday at all 108 counting centers in the state. During this time, the fate of a total of 2,116 candidates who are trying their luck in the assembly elections will be decided. The Trinamool Congress is slowly moving towards a hat-trick. That is, it is seen coming to power for the third time in a row. According to the Election Commission, results for 152 seats out of 292 have been declared. Of this, TMC has won 120 seats. It is ahead at 94. At the same time, BJP has won 31 seats. 45 is ahead. Others have won one seat. During the election, Mamta Banerjee gave the slogan 'Khela Hobe'. This means that must have played and looked at the results, it is felt that 'Khela ho gayche' in Bengal. That is, it has been played. Khela also happened that in the electoral fray alone, the leaders of other parties, including BJP, were caught. Let us know that from March 27 to April 29, elections were held in eight phases for the Bengal assembly elections. 

West Bengal Election Result 2021 UPDATES

- Has written a letter to the Trinamool Congress Chief Electoral Office, West Bengal, demanding immediate re-counting of Nandigram's votes.

According to the news agency ANI, a three-member delegation of the Trinamool Congress met the Chief Electoral Officer at the Election Commission's office in Kolkata and demanded a recounting in Nandigram. At the same time, Mamta Banerjee has also said to go to court.

- Results of 152 seats were declared by the Election Commission by 9:15 pm. Of this, TMC has won 120 seats. It is ahead at 94. At the same time, BJP has won 31 seats. 45 is ahead. Others have won one seat. 

According to the Election Commission, the result of 115 seats has come at the moment. TMC has won 93 seats. Comes ahead at 123. At the same time, BJP has won 21 seats. Moving ahead at 53. Others have won one seat. 

According to the Election Commission, the results of 86 seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 147 seats. On the other hand, it has won 69 seats. BJP is leading in 58 seats. He has won at 16. One has won the other.

According to the Election Commission, the results of 22 seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 190 seats. At the same time, she has won 18 seats. BJP is leading in 79 seats. He has won at three. One has won the other.

Nandigram, the hottest seat of the Bengal Legislative Assembly, has undergone a major upsurge in a collision between the forks. It was earlier reported that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee defeated BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari by 1,200 votes. But, meanwhile, it is now reported that Suvendu defeated him by 1957 votes. However, the Election Commission has not yet officially announced it. Earlier during the press conference, on the question about Nandigram, Mamta herself said that she accepted the decision of the people of Nandigram. However, she did not explicitly say that she had lost. Mamta said- Forget it, Nandigram. We live all over Bengal. Since the counting of votes began, this seat was witnessing a thorn contest. Sometimes Mamata and Suvendu were walking ahead.

According to the Election Commission, the results of six seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 208 seats. At the same time, she has won 5 seats. BJP is leading in 76 seats. He has won one.

According to the Election Commission, the results of four seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 202 seats. At the same time, she has won four seats. BJP is leading in 83 seats. 

According to the Election Commission, the results of three seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 206 seats. At the same time, she has won three seats. BJP is leading in 80 seats.

According to the Election Commission, the results of two seats out of 292 have come. At present, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 205 seats. At the same time, she has won two seats. The BJP was leading in 81 seats. 

-  Mamta Banerjee defeated Suvendu Adhikari by 1200 votes in a thrilling contest in Nandigram. Right now TMC 213 and BJP are leading in 77 seats.

- Controversial fight between Suvendu Adhikari and Mamta Banerjee in Nandigram. Mamta Banerjee again got ahead in the 17th round by 820 votes. Counting of last round continues.

According to the Election Commission, currently TMC 202 and BJP ahead in 82 seats. 

- Thorn bump in Nandigram. Mamta Banerjee is back again. According to the official trends of the Election Commission, BJP candidate Suvendu Adhikari leads from Nandigram by 6 votes after the 16th round of counting. Now there is only one round left.

According to the Election Commission, TMC is currently leading in 203 seats and BJP in 81 seats. 

- In all the five assembly constituencies of Darjeeling district, the Trinamool Congress and its ally Gorkha Janmukti Morcha are seen to be losing badly. In all the five assembly constituencies falling under Darjeeling district, the Bharatiya Janata Party candidates are leading. 

During the election, Mamta Banerjee gave the slogan of Khela Hobe. This meant that it must have been played and so far, looking at the counting of votes, it seems that it has been played in Bengal. Khela also happened that in the electoral fray alone, the leaders of other parties, including BJP, were caught. TMC is leading in more than 200 seats. BJP at 80 seats.  

By 2 pm, the ruling party of the state, Trinamool Congress, was leading in more than 200 seats compared to the main opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP seems to be narrowing down to less than 80 seats.

- West Bengal: TMC supporters celebrating in Nandigram amid Trinamool Congress gaining lead in assembly election trends. The Trinamool Congress was leading in 202 seats.

According to the information, TMC is leading in 201 seats at this time. At the same time, BJP is leading in 78 seats. Many giants are trailing, including Babylon Supriyo. According to the information being received, Mamta Banerjee has overtaken Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram. 

- In Jaipur, BJP is ahead by 1172 votes, in Kashipur BJP is ahead in 1027 votes, in Manbazar, Trinamool Congress is ahead in 2407 votes, in Raghunathpur, Trinamool Congress is ahead in 963 votes, BJP in Para is ahead in 1302 votes, in Walrampur. Trinamool Congress is ahead in 341 votes, Trinamool Congress is ahead in Purulia in 6 round 5 votes.

-  Matigada-Naxalbari- Anandamay Burman (BJP) - 33147, Rajen Sundas (TMC) - 18900, Shankar Malakar (United Front) - 6343. Anandamay Burman of BJP by 14246 votes.

- Suvendu Adhikari of BJP ahead of 8858 in seventh round also. Suvendu Adhikari got 49184 votes, Mamta Banerjee 40325 and Left Front candidate Meenakshi Mukherjee 8749 votes.

Gautam Dev, the state's tourism minister and the Trinamool Congress candidate from Dabgram Phulwari came out with about 700 votes in the eighth round after trailing by seven consecutive rounds.

- The entire nation's eyes are set on Nandigram, the most high profile seat in the state. The contest here is between Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and BJP's Suvendu Adhikari. The counting of six rounds at the First Government sponsored high school at Vasudevpur, Haldia has been completed. In the sixth round, Suvendu Adhikari of the BJP was leading over TMC candidate Mamta Banerjee by 7237 votes. In this round, Suvendu has got 42,574 votes, Mamta 35,337 and Left Front candidate Meenakshi Mukherjee has got only 2258 votes. The seventh round count continues. This seat has been dominated by TMC since 2009.

- TMC's double century in trends. TMC 202 seats ahead. BJP leads in 88 seats only. There is a possibility of major reversal this time on the state's most high profile Nandigram seat. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lagged behind in the riots in Nandigram, Suvendu Adhikari by over 7,000 votes.

Matigada-Naxalbari- Anandamay Burman (BJP) - 26528, Rajen Sundas (TMC) - 14953, Shankar Malakar (United Front) - 4947. Anandamay Burman of BJP by 11575 votes. Hangedwa - Chhotan Kisku (TMC) - 7903, Durga Murmu (BJP) - 22012, Sunil Chandra Tirkey (United Front) - 1335. Durga Murmu of BJP by 14109 votes.

- Trinamool has crossed the majority mark in the trends. BJP is below 100. Many stalwarts including Mamata Banerjee, Babul Supriyo and Swapan Dasgupta are lagging behind. 

According to the Election Commission, the Trinamool Congress is leading in 187 seats in West Bengal and BJP in 84 seats.

- Trinamool Congress is ahead in 1166 votes in Purulia, AJSU party has got 8203 votes in Baghmundi, Congress has got 7849, BJP in Jaipur is ahead in 1172 votes, BJP is ahead 795 in Para, Balrampur in Balrampur In Trinamool Congress is ahead in 1227 votes, Trinamool Congress is ahead in Maan Bazar in 1247 votes, Trinamool Congress is ahead in 558 votes in Wandowan, Trinamool Congress is ahead in 885 votes in Raghunathpur.

According to the reports, Law Minister Malay Ghatak is leading by six thousand votes from Asansol North.

In early trends, BJP is not performing as expected in Bengal. TMC ahead in 188 seats. The number of seats of BJP came down to 98 from one hundred. Many big leaders of BJP are running behind. Union Minister Babul Supriyo is trailing by a large margin. Mamta Banerjee is continuously running from Nandigram seat.

- Union Minister Babul Supriyo is trailing by more than 13 thousand votes from Tollygunge seat of Kolkata. In this seat, he is pitted against Arup Vishwas, a minister in the Trinamool government. BJP's Swapan Dasgupta is trailing from Tarakeswar seat. 

In the initial trends, after counting the votes released for the last two and a half hours, TMC was leading in 157 seats, crossing the majority mark in the 294-member Bengal Assembly. At the same time, BJP is leading in 120 seats, while the Left-Congress and ISF alliance is not seen in the battle anywhere in the initial trends. This alliance is leading in just four seats. Mamata Banerjee is trailing continuously in Nandigram. Suwendu ahead of 8206 in the second round.

- Siliguri's BJP candidate Shankar Ghosh by 7300 votes at the end of the first round.

- In Purulia Assembly constituency, Trinamool Congress got ahead in first round, got 6253 votes total, BJP got 4598, BJP in Wandowan 5368, Trinamool Congress 5926, BJP in Kashipur Assembly constituency got blue 3764, Trinamool Congress got 2910.

- Trinamool Congress ahead in Sheetalkuchi seat in Cooch Behar district. Mamta Banerjee is continuously trailing on Nandigram seat. Suvendu Adhikari leads by over 8,000 votes after the third round in Nandigram.

- Union Minister Babul Supriyo trailed from Kolkata's Tollygunge seat. There is a contest between Union Minister and Minister of State Arup Vishwas on this seat. BJP's Swapan Dasgupta trailed by 3000 votes from Tarakeswar seat in Hooghly. 

- Among the early trends in Bengal, the Trinamool Congress continues to grow. Majority to TMC in early trends. Trinamool currently holds 148 seats, while BJP leads in 115 seats. However, this is an early figure and there is also a possibility of a major reshuffle. 

- BJP in six of the seven seats in Jalpaiguri district and Trinamool ahead in one.

- Early trends of Nandigram, the hottest seat of the state, located in East Medinipur district of West Bengal, have been revealed. Mamta Banerjee has suffered a setback from here. Mamta Banerjee has been backward from Suvendu Adhikari for quite some time. First round counting is complete. In the first round, Suvendu Adhikari was leading over Mamta Banerjee by 1497 votes. At the same time, in the second round, Shubhendu has increased his lead to 4551.

- There were trends of 250 seats in Bengal. TMC 126, BJP 119, Left- Congress and ISF alliance in two and other 3 seats ahead.

Mamta Banerjee has been following in Nandigram for quite a while. BJP's Suvendu officer has retained the lead. Suvendu Adhikari leads by 4551 votes.

According to the calculations of the second round, Krishna Kalyani of BJP from Raiganj, Soumen Rai of BJP from Kaliaganj, Mosharraf Hussain of Trinamool from Etahhar, Gautam Pal Hematwad of Trinamool from Karandighi and Satyajit Varman of Trinamool ahead

- BJP ahead of Balurghat, Harirampur and Kushmandi in South Dinajpur. Trinamool ahead from Tapan, Kumaraganj and Gangarampur. Ashok Bhattacharya slipped to third place in Siliguri, Shankar Ghosh of BJP is leading. Om Prakash Mishra of Trinamool in second place. 

Currently, in the trend of 228 seats, Trinamool is ahead at 114 and 110 ahead of BJP.

- Mamta Banerjee may get a shock in Nandigram. At the moment, there is a thorn collision with Suvendu Adhikari. BJP currently leads in 108 and TMC 120 seats.

In the initial phase of counting, the CPI (M) candidates of the United Front of Congress-Left Front-Indian Secular Front are running ahead in Siliguri, the undeclared capital of North Bengal.

- Uttar Dinajpur - TMC from Islampur ahead by two thousand votes. TMC in Chopra beyond four thousand. TMC ahead in Gwalpokhar too. BJP ahead of 1850 votes in Chakulia.

- Swapan Dasgupta of BJP ahead of Tarakeswar seat of Hooghly. Minister in the Trinamool government, Firhad Hakim, ahead of Kolkata Port seat. In the initial phase of counting, the CPI (M) candidates of the United Front of the Congress-Left Front-Indian Secular Front are running ahead in the unannounced capital of North Bengal. Malay constituents are moving forward from Asansol North, Siyoni Ghosh ahead of Asansol Danin. Counting of postal ballots is going on right now.

Currently, TMC now leads in 86 seats and BJP 81 seats in Bengal. Figures are  changing very rapidly  .

- Most thorn bump in Nandigram. Sometimes Mamata and sometimes Suvendu are becoming officers. At present, Mamata Banerjee again came back on the Nandigram seat.

- Statistics in Bengal are changing very fast. TMC ahead in 87 and BJP in 75 seats. Congress- Sham and ISF alliance ahead in just 4 seats. In Howrah's Shivpur seat, Trinamool candidate and former Indian cricketer Manoj Tiwari was behind. BJP's Rathin Chakraborty is running ahead.

- For the first time in the electoral history of Bengal, such a thorn bumps Bengal had a trend of 146 seats out of 292. TMC 78 and BJP 72 ahead. BJP candidate Krishna Kalyani from Raiganj by 1680 votes.

- Union Minister Babul Supriyo is continuously leading from Tollygunge seat of Kolkata. In this seat, he is pitted against Minister of State Arup Biswas.

- TMC 78 and BJP 66 seats ahead of initial trends. Mamta Banerjee again ahead in Nandigram seat.

- BJP candidate former IPS Bharti Ghosh ahead of Debra seat. There is a collision between 2 IPS on this seat. Trinamool candidate former IPS Humayun Kabir is behind.

- A collision between Mamta Banerjee and Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram. Mamta Banerjee again followed. Suvendu Adhikari leads Trinamool candidate and former Indian cricketer Manoj Tiwari ahead in Howrah's Shivpur seat.

- BJP ahead in Sheetalkuchi seat of Cooch Behar. There was firing incident in Sheetalkuchi itself. Four people were killed in the security forces firing in self-defense after an attack by a mob of villagers. BJP leads in various seats in Purulia district.

- The figure is changing moment by moment in Bengal. Mamta Banerjee now ahead in Nandigram. Suvendu officials are giving tough competition. 

- The figure is changing moment by moment in Bengal. In the initial trends, TMC was ahead in 61 and BJP in 54 seats. BJP leads Bengal's most high profile Nandigram and Singur seats. Both seats have been strongholds of Trinamool.

- Even in the early trends, there is a fierce competition between TMC and BJP. Mamata Banerjee trails in Nandigram, the hottest seat in Bengal. Suvendu officials of BJP are going ahead.

- Even in the early trends, there is a fierce competition between TMC and BJP. In Bengal, Trinamool was ahead in 55 seats and BJP in 50 seats.

- Even in the early trends, a close fight between TMC and BJP. In the initial trends, Trinamool was ahead in 50 seats and BJP 45 seats. Actress Payal Sarkar leads BJP on Behla East seat.

- Counting of votes for Bengal assembly elections is going on. The figure is changing moment by moment in the early trends in Bengal. Sometimes the BJP is going ahead, sometimes the Trinamool. Trinamool was ahead in 46 seats and BJP 44 seats.

- BJP MP Lockett Chatterjee ahead of Chunchura seat in Hooghly. BJP leads in 4 seats in Muslim-dominated Malda district. In the initial trend, the Congress-Left and ISF alliance is nowhere to be seen in the Bengal election battle.

- BJP is leading in the initial trends in Bengal. BJP ahead in Singur seat. Singur is the stronghold of Trinamool. Union Minister Babul Supriyo is leading from Kolkata's Ballygunge seat.

- Counting of votes for Bengal assembly elections is going on. Votes are being counted for 292 seats in Bengal. The figure is changing from moment to moment. Even in the early trends, there was a close fight between TMC and BJP. Trends of 66 seats so far. BJP was ahead in 36 seats and TMC in 32 seats.

- Counting of votes for Bengal assembly elections is going on. BJP's Agnimitra Pal is going ahead in Asansol. BJP ahead in Bankura and Murshidabad district.

- Counting of votes for Bengal assembly elections is going on. In Bengal, TMC was ahead in 22 and BJP 19 seats in the initial trends.

The counting of votes for the Bengal assembly elections started at 8:00 am on Sunday at all 108 counting centers in the state. Initially, postal ballots are being counted. In the initial trend, the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) looks ahead. This time in Bengal, there is a close fight between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP. 

- The   census has been started for the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Elections 2021 From now on, trends will start coming soon. 

- Counting of West Bengal assembly elections will start shortly from now. Everyone's eyes are on Nandigram seat. Here Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is confronted with Suvendu Adhikari.  

- West Bengal: Officers, counting agents and others arrived at the counting center of Siliguri College in Siliguri. The counting of votes for Assembly Election 2021 will start shortly.

- The counting of West Bengal assembly elections will begin at 8 am today. In view of this, a security force has been deployed outside a counting center in East Mednipur.

 West Bengal Assembly elections will be the result of the Corona epidemic today. View of Counting Hall Purulia Polytechnic

Highlights of counting

  • Total seats - 292
  • Total candidates - 2116
  • Total Counting Centers - 108
  • Total Observer-292
  • 256 company paramilitary deployment
  • 15 rounds at least
  • 25 rounds at most
  • Most counting centers - South 24 Parganas - 15 counting centers
  • Lowest counting center - Kalimpong, Alipurduar, Jhargram-one each

81.76 percent voting in eight phases

Violence was witnessed in the elections from beginning to end. More than a dozen people died. Campaigning in the fifth round due to violence and the last three phases due to the corona epidemic had to be stopped 72 hours before the vote. Despite this, the voters of Bengal voted overwhelmingly. However, people from some other urban areas, including Kolkata, did not participate in the voting as seen in rural areas. Despite this, Bengal had 81.76 percent voting in eight phases. Polling for the two seats in Shamsherganj and Jangipur is scheduled on May 16.

Three tier system of security at total 108 counting centers

A senior Election Commission official said on Saturday that a three-tier security arrangement has been made at a total of 108 counting centers across the state, where EVMs and voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) have been kept under tight security in the strong room built. is. He informed that at least 292 observers and 256 companies of central security forces have been deployed at counting centers spread over 23 districts. According to the official, there are maximum 15 counting centers in South 24 Parganas while one counting center has been set up in Kalimpong, Alipurduar and Jhargram.

Strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines

He said that in view of the increase in Corona virus cases in the state, steps have been taken to ensure strict compliance of the Covid-19 guidelines during the count. The official said that all EVMs and VVPATs will be virus free before starting the counting process. He said that for those involved in the counting process, masks, face shields and sanitizers would be kept outside the center. Each center will be virus-free at least 15 times during the counting. Special arrangements have been made for this.

Physical distance follow

The official said that the Election Commission has decided to place tables for counting so that physical distance can be complied with. He said that there will be no more than seven tables for counting of votes in one room, whereas earlier this number was 14. A large number of tables will be placed where there is no shortage of space.

Admission to the counting center will be allowed only after the negative report of Kovid-19

According to the Election Commission guidelines, candidates or their representatives will be able to go inside the counting center only by showing a negative report of Kovid-19 or a certificate of taking both doses of the vaccine. The officer said that orders have been issued to the administration of all the districts to stop the mob from outside the counting centers and take action against those who violate these rules. 

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oxygen concentrators prepared at home... | | West Bengal: Governor administered oath to 43 ministers of Mamta cabinet, eight women included in... | | Honor`s smartphone will be launched on May 18, the company confirmed... | | Madhya Pradesh in preparation for the third wave of Covid-19, ICU beds are being arranged... | | Vaccination in India: India surpassed the US and China with the addition of more than... | | Discussion on electoral defeat in congress working committee meeting, election of next party president in... | | Himanta Biswa Sarma appointed as new Chief Minister of Assam, Governor Jagdish Mukhi administered the... | | ICSE Result 2021: Virtual meeting to be held today with CISCE schools, discussion on internal... | | Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma`s statement of Jethalal, do not blame the government, seriously follow... | | 10 dogs killed in Delhi in suspicious condition, 3 undergoing treatment in hospital; People suspected... | | Jharkhand: Dependents will get one and a half lakhs on the death of migrants, the... | | Petrol price today: Petrol and diesel new rates released, know what is the price in... | | Jio`s 3 special recharge plans for "work from home", these benefits including 50GB high speed... | | Black fungal infection can lead to death by ignoring, government issues advisory regarding mucormycosis... | | Sarma elected leader of BJP and NDA Legislative Party, will take oath as Chief Minister... | | Strict Covid curfew in Uttarakhand from May 10, know- how many hours the shops will... | | Corona Jail Break in Haryana: 13 prisoners escaped from Covid jail in Rewari, serving sentences... | | Corona in Country: In case of new case, on par with Maharashtra, total cases in... | | Australian media claims: China has been doing research on coronavirus since 2015, wanted to use... | | Rajasthan: Four children burnt alive due to fire in truck cabin in Alwar... | | On Mother`s Day, Corona destroys two innocent child`s life, father dies in hospital and mother... | | Lockdown extended in Haryana: epidemic alert in Haryana, restrictions extended till May 17, and tougher... | | Corona uncontrollable in Nepal and Pakistan, Australia seals, Bangladesh prohibits flights... | | Mobile phones, laptops will not be able to be purchased online under lockdown, know reasons... | | Amethi COVID-19 News: Video of CMO in charge of Covid Hospital selling Remedesivir for five... | | Bengal Election Violence: clash between Trinamool Congress and BJP workers in Birbhum, one dead... | | Delhi Coronavirus: 25 Corona infected patients gone from hospital without informing, police engaged in searching... | | PM Modi talks to the Chief Ministers of Punjab, Karnataka, Bihar and Uttarakhand regarding the... | | Himanta Biswa Sarma will be the next Chief Minister of Assam, elected BJP Legislature Party... | | Google is discontinuing its free service from June 1, now users have to pay so... | | Corona Medicine: DRDO`s new drug will beat Corona, learn- about it, how it works... | | Lockdown update news: To break the chain of corona infection, complete lockdown in these states... | | Coronavirus India update: More than four lakh cases of corona came for the fourth consecutive... | | UP Lockdown Extension: Lockdown again increased in UP, now Corona curfew will remain till May... | | Lucknow: The body of an elderly woman lying in the house for several hours, the... | | UPCET Exam 2021 Postponed: UP Joint Entrance Exam Postpone, Application deadline extended ... | | Mother made a video of children playing with toys, earning Rs 11 crore 26 lakh... | | Pakistani bowler Tabish Khan gets a chance to debut after 18 years, wicket in first... | | COVID-19 in India: Corona worsens situation, 4.03 lakh new cases in 24 hours, more than... | | DRDO is building hospitals with oxygen beds in Rishikesh and Haldwani ... | | There is a stir in the UK variant of Corona in Rajasthan, the facility of... | | Got proof! China was in the process of spreading Coronavirus for 6 years, the emperor wanted... | | Know what is the difference between an oxygen cylinder and an oxygen concentrator ... | | Indore pacer Avesh Khan to play Test against England, select for Team India ... | | Apple's popular iPhone 12 Mini can be brought home at a discount of Rs 14,500,... | | Know which hospital in Patna has┬ábeds empty for corona patients, call these numbers and get... | | Noida Police arrested 7 accused for black marketing of fake Remedesivir injections ... | | Firing in Maryland, US, four dead, one injured in fire ... | | Petrol Price Today: Relief! Petrol and diesel prices did not increase, know today the price... | | Where to play the remaining matches of IPL 2021, Kevin Pietersen told the name of... | | Two hundred injured in violence after prayers in Jerusalem, President of Palestine calls for UN... | | CM Kejriwal starts preparations to save from corona's third wave, some such arrangements are being... | | Govt COVID Treatment Guidelines: Changes in corona policy, positive report not necessary for hospitalization... | | Covid-19: Task Force set up by Supreme Court, will work on availability of oxygen and... | | Full lockdown in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu for 15 days from Monday, other states also... | | PM Modi said, strong relationship between India and EU is necessary for defeating Corona and... | | BTSC Bihar Recruitment 2021: Recruitment for 6338 posts of Medical and General Officer, apply by... | | Shweta Basu Prasad sold his painting made on Satyajit Ray in lakhs, will donate to... | | Punishment for making obscene video of girl in Greater Noida, Panchayat killed first and then... | | Thailand also came forward to help India, sent many medical equipment including oxygen cylinders... | | Rudy Ambulance Controversy: Explained on allegations of Pappu Yadav, BJP MP surrounded by 50 ambulances... | | Arvind Kejriwal said in digital press conference - lack of vaccine in Delhi, 3 crore... | | Second wave of Corona not spreading due to 5G testing in the country, viral claims... | | Sarbananda Sonowal and Himanta Biswa Sarma found at JP Nadda's house, speculation over CM of... | | Actress Mouni Roy`s killer in backless dress, these photos increased the heartbeat of the fans... | | Cybercrime gangs become active in the name of oxygen and medicine, know how to use... | | Peterson told why the IPL was continued between Corona, and also defended the players... | | Gujarat: 10 people died due to black mold in Surat, patients who recovered from corona... | | Noida-Greater Noida and Ghaziabad news related to millions of people, know how long the corona... | | Army recruitment joint entrance exam postponed in Rajasthan, know details... | | Lock your Aadhaar card by sending an SMS, no one will be able to misuse... | | Kamala Harris said, America ready to send more aid to end corona epidemic in India... | | 50 lakh doses of Covishield vaccine going to Britain will be used in India, the... | | After two days in the country, new cases have come down by 4 lakhs, for... | | Lockdown in India: Lockdown imposed in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, many states took tough... | | Vivo's beautiful smartphone with 44 megapixel selfie camera becomes even cheaper than before, 8GB RAM... | | Ram Gopal Verma, badly trapped by saying 'Chhota Rajan gets bed-oxygen', trolls reprimand... | | RRB NTPC 7 PHASE EXAM 2021: Know when the 7th phase exam notification will be... | | Oxygen Shortage in Delhi: Army will take over command to end oxygen shortage in Delhi,... | | Claim was received from LIC and easy, given the Corona epidemic, the company gave relaxation... | | Indian Railways: Passengers should note, Railways canceled 56 long distance trains, see the complete list... | | After US support, try to help other countries, the matter is to end the TRIPS... | | Corruption in corona vaccination also, now OTP made compulsory, it will identify the vaccinator... | | The don of the underworld whose death came to be false again, has been attacked... | | Indian Railways News: These special trains will run for West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, know... | | Corona curfew may increase even after May 15 in MP! ... Minister Vishwas Sarang gave... | | Rajasthan Board Exams 2021: Demand for relief of 12 lakh students by canceling 10th examinations... | | The second wave of Covid-19 will have a mild effect on the economy, claims the... | | Film director Srikumar Menon arrested in cheating case, know what is the matter... | | COVID-19: NHAI will remove oxygen shortage in Bihar, oxygen plant will be set up in... | | CRPF Recruitment 2021: Recruitment of 50 posts in Central Reserve Police Force, will be selected... | | The Last Hour Web Series Trailer: Sanjay Kapoor's strong return to OTT from Amazon Prime's... | | Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Ram Lala's garden in Mahadegi Ayodhya from summer apple of the gardeners... | | Gold Price Today: Gold futures move up, silver becomes cheaper, know what is going on... | | Tata cars will now be costlier after Mahindra, know when new prices will apply... | | Tamil Nadu: New Chief Minister Stalin takes charge, decides to give Rs 4,000 to every... | | The Supreme Court warns the Center on oxygen supply, said - Do not create such... | | Today, for the third time in May, new corona cases cross 4 lakh, 3,915 people... | | India Lockdown Update: Full lockdown imposed in many states including Rajasthan-Kerala, strict restrictions increasing the... | | UP: Yogi government paid vaccine makers in advance, CM Yogi said - there will be... | | Milind Soman shares 30-year-old PIC, fans said- 'Fantastic, tremendous, alive'... | | Corona's impact: All work including metro project stalled, know which sector is impacting... | | 2 lionesses ill in Etawah Lion Safari, one corona infected, second suspected, awaiting investigation report... | | Consideration on extension of time between two doses of Kovishield, may be announced next week... | | IGNOU TEE June 2021: June term-end exam IGNOU postponed due to Covid-19, new dates announced... | | The selectors can select the Indian team today, this opener will return for the WTC... | | COVID-19 Vaccine: UP government engaged in arrangement of corona vaccine, advanced Rs 20 crore to... | | Delhi Coronavirus Alert! 14 days quarantine is necessary when coming to Delhi from Andhra Pradesh... | | Big news for SBI customer, State Bank alerts about banking, know important thing... | | Rajasthan Lockdown: Strict lockdown will be implemented in Rajasthan from 10 to 24 May, know... | | New alliance taking shape in Indo-Pacific Ocean region, India, France and Australia united to meet... | | University Exams 2021: UGC takes a major decision due to the rising havoc of Corona,... | | COVID-19: Bollywood celebrities are filled with requests for help, now Karan Johar joins NGO... | | COVID-19 Attack on Lions: Corona virus also attacks the king of the jungle, a lion... | | 7th pay commission latest news: news of benefits of more than 52 lakh employees, meeting... | | Coronavirus Vaccine: India`s campaign brought color, vaccine production will be on a large scale: price... | | Lockdown affects railways in other states including Delhi-Haryana; 28 trains canceled; See the full list... | | Weather update: monsoon will reach Kerala coast on June 1, there will be heavy rains... | | Coronavirus update: Expect relief from pandemic, know when the fall in infection cases will start... | | Government`s new guidelines for Corona infected patients, from home isolation to medicine, know everything... | | All records of corona broken in Kerala, 42,464 new cases registered in 24 hours; Full... | | UKPSC RO ARO exam 2021 postponed, see official notice on | | GATE Counseling 2021: IIT Delhi postpones GATE counseling due to Corona, see new schedule... | | Watch Video: The girl repeated the Delhi drama on Patna's road, CM Nitish Kumar was... | | Covid Deaths: Corona broken in villages, 162 people died in a single day... | | Railways transported 2,067 tonnes of oxygen to the entire country in last 16 days, highest... | | West Bengal violence: BJP worker accused - people throw bombs at my house... | | Naval vessel arrived in India with oxygen from Bahrain in battle with Corona, help coming... | | Kashmir Encounter: Three terrorists of al-Badr killed in Shopian encounter, one surrendered... | | Varuthini Ekadashi 2021: Tomorrow is Varuthini Ekadashi? Learn auspicious and worship method... | | Boxer Arundhati of Kota selected for Olympic camp, Army sports institute will train in Pune... | | Panchayat Chunav: Is the Congress vote in the Aam Aadmi Party getting mixed in UP... | | Jasmine Bhasin shared a romantic photo of candle light dinner with Ali Goni, Fan said... | | Uproar in the district of Yogi: BSP supporters burn police outposts and vehicles in Gorakhpur,... | | Privatization of IDBI: Government will sell its stake in bank, in principle approval to transfer... | | Approve another corona drug:Swiss Company's Antibody Cocktail Approved Emergency Use in India, Approval Based on... | | Dying system in UP:110 patients died in two days due to non-availability of ventilators in... | | KBC 13 Registration: Ladies and Gentlemen! Gear up ... Amitabh Bachchan's questions are starting from... | | Farmers Protest: Farmers will target this state after Delhi, to protest against lockdown on May... | | Coronavirus Outbreak: There will also be a third wave of Corona in India, to be... | | Golu Gold's fun-filled Bhojpuri song 'Ok Dita Saiyan Todi Pike Saree Pa' went viral as... | | Indian Railways: In the Corona period, trains are not getting passengers, these 16 trains will... | | Blast in chemical tank of Nalagarh Ply Board factory, one worker killed, three injured... | | Gold price today: Gold prices fell to near 46 thousand, silver more expensive than 2000... | | IGNOU: Re-registration for July session till 15 June, Assignment for June session examination should be... | | Pooja Bhatt praises Sonu Sood for helping people suffering from Coronavirus, the actress also said... | | IPL chairman Brajesh Patel gave information, when postponement will be done now, the remaining matches... | | RBI announced loan Moratorium, loan will be given to vaccine manufacturers and hospitals... | | 40 people died in 10 days in Titoli village of Rohtak, corona or something else,... | | Farmer Protest: Metro Man E Sreedharan is in opposition to the farmers' movement, know what... | | BMC did better work in Mumbai on oxygen supply, learn to take Delhi from there:... | | UP Lockdown Extension: Lockdown extended in UP till May 10, now four days to remain... | | Petrol-Diesel Price: Petrol, diesel prices increased for the second consecutive day, know what has happened... | | Covid Vaccine Reservation Politics: Chhattisgarh High Court said regarding reservation in vaccination- discrimination is not... | | US President Biden may appoint Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as new ambassador to India... | | More than three lakh 62 thousand corona cases a day in the country, 3,445 people... | | Bengal Election Violence: BJP to protest against violence across the country; National Women's Commission team... | | Corona's double mutant, spreading rapidly in South India, also left the N440 variant behind... | | A gift of 15 lakh rupees to your daughter, studies or marriage will come... | | The item song of Bhojpuri film 'Pangebaaz' released, Glory Mohanta show in "Piya Milal Nirmohiya"... | | PM KISAN Scheme: 2000 rupees will come to your account, on which date the government... | | There will be no food shortage in Lockdown, community kitchens open in these 11 places... | | RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das will address the media at 10 am, this may be a... | | Deepika Padukone also came in the grip of Corona, went to Bengaluru to meet the... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: After Ayodhya, BJP also got a shock in Kashi... | | Gold Price Today: Gold prices rise, silver also shines, know what has happened... | | Advisory of ICMR on testing in second wave of Corona, RTPCR is not necessary once... | | In Delhi High Court, the hospital said - Every day one or two deaths are... | | Lockdown in India: Will there be a lockdown across India? These states of the country... | | Mamta Banerjee to take oath as Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time; 50... | | Virtual summit between PM Modi and Boris Johnson, roadmap for bilateral trade relations ready by... | | Free ration for 2 months in Delhi, auto taxis will get 5 thousand rupees... | | These companies of India are going to make big investment in Britain, Modi-Boris virtual meeting... | | COVID-19: Former Himachal CM Shanta Kumar said - Lockdown should be imposed in the state... | | The Bhojpuri marriage song of Ankush Raja is rocking, 'Dekh La A Sali', Trishakar Madhu's... | | BTSC Recruitment 2021: Application for the post of 6338 General and Specialist Medical Officers in... | | Bengal violence: Kangana Ranaut`s anger again erupted over violence in Bengal, said- Modiji is a... | | BCCI may change IPL plan due to Corona, now all the matches will be played... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: Samajwadi Party in Etawah and RLD's dominance in Baghpat... | | New Corona Guidelines: 14 days quarantine will be done to the needless people in Rajasthan... | | Stock Market: Sensex, Nifty open with momentum; shares of these companies are seeing a boom... | | Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocked mobile phone manufacturers, said electric car concept is very easy... | | Bill Gates and Melinda Divorce: Bill Gates and Melinda, separated after 27 years of marriage... | | Former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Jagmohan passed away, PM Modi and Amit Shah expressed grief... | | West Bengal Violence: JP Nadda to meet family members of BJP workers affected by violence... | | Complete Lockdown in India: Demand for lockdown across the country, pressure on government increased; See... | | Coronavirus India Update: Slight decline in corona cases in last 24 hours, cases falling in... | | Pawan Singh's 'Meetha Mitha Bathe Kamariya' set fire, bathroom scene song crossed 6 lakh views... | | Rewari: Corona infected, sprung from third floor of former SDO hospital, dies... | | On Monday also 17296 corona positives have been found in the state. The same 154... | | Sugandha Mishra showed the colors after the wedding, Sanket Bhosle shared the video... | | News of relief from Maharashtra, for the first time, new corona cases less than 50,000... | | Former Palamu MP Zorawar Ram dies from Corona, Delhi could not go for treatment due... | | Threatening to bomb Sri Harmandir Sahib in Patna, stirring up a letter demanding Rs 50... | | Shilpa Shetty's appeal to the people in Covid-19, said- 'Don't panic, we will get away... | | Sonu Sood called with folded hands, said- 'My country needs oxygen'... | | West Bengal: Mamta meets the Governor and claims to form the government, will take oath... | | Raveena Tandon arranges 300 oxygen cylinders for Delhi... | | Uttarakhand: Cloud burst at two places in Rudraprayag district, debris filled in many houses and... | | West Bengal Violence: 11 deaths in place-after-violence after election results in Bengal, Union Home Ministry... | | UP CM Yogi Adityanath threatened to die, say what you want to do in four... | | Unnecessary CT scan in Corona, the risk of cancer, know what Dr. Guleria said... | | UPSC CAPF 2021: Application deadline for Assistant Commandant recruitment, apply immediately... | | IPL 2021: 4 matches to be held in Delhi, threat may be on select venue... | | ITI Recruitment 2021: 40 posts of ITI Limited Rae Bareli recruitment, online application till May... | | Hrithik Roshan and Hollywood celebrities together raised Rs 27 crore to fight the Corona crisis... | | Today`s match was canceled in IPL 2021, these 2 players were found corona infected... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: Makhi handed over by Kuldeep Sengar, Chirpratidwandi Shishupal captured... | | Manufacturing PMI: slight improvement in manufacturing activity in April, job cuts also reduced... | | All recognized journalists declared as frontline workers in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Uttarakhand... | | West Bengal Election Result 2021: Mamta Banerjee to meet Governor today, will present claim to... | | Lockdown in India: will the country face complete lockdown again, Supreme Court gives suggestions to... | | COVID Lockdown Extended in UP: Corona curfew extended till Thursday after two cases of COVID-19... | | India may get the fourth corona vaccine, Pfizer is in talks to approve the vaccine... | | CBSE Class 11 Admission 2021: No Stream on CBSE Board Admission in 11th, Students will... | | Australian cricket board announced India's help, donated so many lakhs... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: BJP shocked in Mainpuri, lost election Sandhya Yadav... | | Capt Amarinder Singh shocked by Prashant Kishore`s retirement, Punjab elections to be held in 2022... | | Gold Price: Last week, there was a significant decline in gold, there was also a... | | These are India top-5 cheap smartphones, price is less than 6,000 rupees, see list here... | | The central government should complete the shortage of oxygen in Delhi till date, the Supreme... | | The main contest between the BJP and the Congress in the by-elections held in 12... | | West Bengal Election Result 2021: Muslim voters outrightly reject Asaduddin Owaisi in Bengal assembly elections... | | A slight decrease in corona cases, more than 3.5 lakh cases in 24 hours, more... | | Indian Railway News: Due to the lockdown in Delhi-Maharashtra, many trains are canceled, the railway... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: 16,510 Pradhan wins so far, final result till tomorrow... | | There is something to gain, some money left: BJP gets big expansion in Bengal, Modi's... | | LIVE Bengal Election Result 2021:Game played in Bengal! TMC's hat-trick fixed, results for 152 seats... | | Prime Minister Modi congratulated Mamata on Trinamool Congress victory in Bengal, know what said... | | It will not be easy for Mamata Banerjee to become the national face of the... | | Corona: Fights over oxygen supply in foreign embassies Jaishankar and Jayaram, MEA appeal not to... | | Tanna Irani said when removed from Apna Time Bhi Aayega - 'If you can be... | | Camera breakdown problem encountered in this expensive Samsung phone! Customers reached court ... | | Bihar: Sushil Modi's brother dies of corona infection, tweet himself information ... | | After 5 defeats, Hyderabad will come out with the biggest change today, this veteran will... | | Election Results 2021 Live: DMK wins one seat in Puducherry, know the state of Tamil... | | LIVE Assam Election Result 2021: CM Sonowal said, BJP's government will be formed again in... |