4,400 crore fine on Google, know what was the reason

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 13/07/2021 15:26 IST
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These days Google is facing lawsuits in many countries.

The giant tech company Google has been fined 500 million euros (about Rs 4,400 crore) in France. In fact, Google has been found guilty of violating the copyright law, due to which the company has been fined 500 million euros. Let us know that these days Google is facing court cases in many countries. 

Will have to pay an additional fine of 900,00 euros per day

France's entry trust watchdog has accused the Alphabet-owned company of temporarily refusing to comply with orders that require French news publishers to compensate Google for the use of their content, according to news agency Reuters. American tech company Google has been given two months in the matter. The company will have to submit a proposal within two months to explain how it will compensate news agencies and other publishers for the use of their news content. If this is not done by Google, it will have to pay an additional fine of 900,000 euros per day. 

The biggest fine ever imposed on Google 

According to the report, this is the biggest fine imposed by any competent authority on Google. A Google spokesperson has described such a decision as very sad. We have acted with the right intention and we were in talks. It is not right to impose fines at such times. On the other hand, France's big news publishers APIG, SEPM and AFP have accused Google of not finding a solution through talks. News publishers have criticized Google for this. 

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