Even after seven years, Mangalyaan is active on a six-month mission, know how many years it will continue to work

Pankaj Prasad
26/09/2021 22:17 IST
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Mangalyaan has completed seven years in its orbit.

Bangalore.Mangalyaan has completed seven years in its orbit, whereas it was sent on a mission of only six months.K.K., who led the Mangalyaan mission as the then chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).Radhakrishnan said in a special conversation on this achievement, 'Certainly it is satisfactory.'Mangalyaan was the first mission of ISRO to be sent to another planet.It was launched on 5th November 2013.

Mangalyaan successfully reached its orbit in its very first attempt on 24 September 2014.ISRO officials said that all the goals of this mission were successfully achieved.Whatever was learned from this has greatly increased the confidence of the scientists of the organization.Officials said that the process of scientific analysis of all the information received from Mangalyaan is going on.

M. Annadurai, who was the program director of the mission, said, "This is the seventh year of Mangalyaan.The spacecraft is still in very good condition.He expressed hope that the spacecraft would serve at least another year.Regarding the reasons for the longevity of the mission, Annadurai said that ISRO had made many improvements in Mangalyaan, taking lessons from Chandrayaan-1.Particularly noteworthy are the changes made to the aircraft and the optimization of fuel management.

ISRO officials said that the vehicle has been on Mars for three years.He said, 'We have seen how changes occur from one season to another on Mars.We also saw changes year after year.One year on Mars is equal to about two years on Earth.

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