Bomb blast in Dhanbad's car showroom, criminals executed the incident for not paying extortion, traders in panic

Pankaj Prasad
28/09/2021 09:50 IST
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Bomb blast, Bomb blast in Dhanbad car showroom, Kia Motors, extortion money

Bombing in Barwada's car showroom for not paying extortion.

Dhanbad: Businessmen and industrialists of Dhanbad are on target of criminals.He is constantly being intimidated and threatened about extortion.There are also attacks on non-compliance with the demand.The latest case is of Barwada police station area.On Monday, at 11 am on GT Road, two bike-borne criminals created panic in the showroom of Kia Motors (Car) located in Kashitand.

Before throwing the bomb, the criminals took the name of Aman Singh, who was lodged in Hotwar jail in Ranchi.The showroom is of Dhanbad's famous industrialist Deepak Sanwaria.A few days ago, extortion of Rs 50 lakh was demanded from him.It is being said that the criminals have thrown the bomb with the intention of spreading panic if the money is not paid.Deepak Sanwaria was not present there at the time of the incident.

Not paying extortion

A four wheeler parked in the parking lot was damaged by the bomb.The glass in front of the showroom was also damaged.Barwada SHO Suman Kumar and Inspector Sudhir Prasad were present at a short distance from the spot at the time of the bombing.At the same time, the vehicle patrolling on GT Road was standing just 300 meters away from the showroom.The audacity of the criminals will be said that even after being close to the police, they easily escaped by bombing, while the police kept watching.

On receiving the information, SSP Sandeep Kumar, City SP R Rajkumar, ASP Manoj Lateari, DSP Amar Kumar Pandey, Inspector Sudhir Prasad, SHO Suman Kumar reached the spot and took information from Deepak Sanwaria and the employees of the showroom.Dozens of well-wishers of both the brothers also reached the showroom.

Six-inch pit made at the spot

According to eyewitnesses, the criminals covered their faces with a gamchha.Both came on bikes from Kisan Chowk via service road and came near the showroom and threw bombs and fled towards Govindpur from the service road itself.The bomb fell near the car parked in the parking lot inside the showroom.After a loud bang, a six-inch crater was formed there.

Due to the shrapnel of the bomb, the wheel of a four-wheeler parked there exploded.The vehicle was also damaged.The police who reached the spot cordoned off the spot and collected a sample of the bomb from the blast.It has been sent for forensic examination.Two teams of police under the leadership of DSP Amar Kumar Pandey are engaged in locating the criminals.Several hotels on GT Road have been searched.

Called and messaged threatening to face consequences

Sunil Sanwaria, elder brother of showroom owner Deepak Sanwaria, told that threats were being made on the phone continuously in the name of Aman Singh.One day a call came from an unknown number.The caller said that you know Seth ji Aman Singh.When he said who Aman Singh?I do not know, so said from there that you do business in Dhanbad and do not know Aman Singh.Will know very soon.If you want to do business in Dhanbad, then you will have to pay extortion of 50 lakh rupees.If you do not get 50 lakh rupees on the specified time, then be ready to face the consequences.Then hung up the phone.The demand for extortion was being made by calling on the mobile of younger brother Deepak.The message also came on his mobile.

Had visited the showroom two or three times

The bike-riding criminals did a recce of the showroom before carrying out the incident.Had visited the showroom two or three times.After this, one criminal got down from the bike near the divider and the other remained sitting on the bike.Taking the name of Aman Singh loudly, he threw a bomb in the showroom and fled.The loud noise of explosives created a stampede among the employees of the showroom.They started running here and there.Some hid behind the sofa, while some ran towards the service center located behind the showroom.Due to the incident, apart from the employees of the showroom, there is panic among the nearby shopkeepers as well.Sunil Sanwaria and Deepak Sanwaria (both brothers) were not in the showroom at the time of the incident.

A low capacity bomb has been thrown in the showroom.The criminals are being traced in collaboration with the cyber police.CCTV cameras installed in various hotels and shops on GT Road from Barwada to Govindpur are being scrutinized.

Sanjeev Kumar, SSP

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