Former CM Captain Amarinder Singh went to Delhi, there was an earthquake in Punjab politics, may meet BJP leaders

Pankaj Prasad
28/09/2021 14:22 IST
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Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has moved to Delhi.

Chandigarh.Senior Congress leader and former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has gone to Delhi.What is their program in Delhi, nothing is clear yet?There are various discussions in the political corridors about his going to Delhi.It is being told that the Captain is also scheduled to meet Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP President JP Nadda.However, these are just discussions.Nothing has been disclosed by the Capt in this regard yet.

Let us tell you, Captain Amarinder Singh was deeply hurt by the circumstances under which he had to leave the post of CM.He also expressed his displeasure after leaving the post.The party high command had called a meeting of the legislature party without the information of the Captain.The Captain feared that mistrust might be created against him at the meeting.For this reason, the Captain had already resigned.

After resigning, Congress strongman Captain Amarinder Singh was deeply hurt.He said that the way the legislature party meeting was called without informing him, it was clear that there was a preparation to remove him.In fact, the Captain was feeling uncomfortable ever since Navjot Singh Sidhu was made the state Congress President.

Navjot Singh Sidhu was a constant attacker on his Captain Amarinder Singh-led Congress government.Sidhu was making comments like the leader of the opposition in Captain Sarkar.The Captain was uneasy with Sidhu's attacks.Along with this, four ministers also got angry with Captain Amarinder Singh.The captain had tried to pacify the ministers and MLAs that the high command gave him a jolt.

After the resignation, the captain said that he would not sit silent.When he was asked about the option, he said that everything will be known.Now the politics of the state has heated up due to the Captain's visit to Delhi.There are many speculations about this tour of Captain.

There is talk of Captain joining BJP, but it will not be easy for Captain to join BJP right now.In fact, farmers are angry about agricultural laws.There is anger among people against BJP in Punjab.In such a situation, before joining the BJP, the Captain can put a condition that these laws should be abolished by talking to the farmers first.

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