The Garhwa district police is fighting the last battle with the Naxalites, the old mountain is confined to the area.

Pankaj Prasad
28/09/2021 15:08 IST
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In Garhwa district, the police is fighting the final and decisive battle with the Naxalites.

Garhwa: In the Garhwa district, the police is fighting the final and decisive battle with the Naxalites.Naxalites, who once had their influence in about 800 villages of the district and were active with the armed squads, have now been limited only to the Budha Pahar area of ​​Badgad block. In the information given in the meeting, it has been said to continue the Naxal operation in Budha Pahad of Garhwa district.

Due to the geographically difficult terrain, the old mountain area remains a challenge for the police, a large part of it is in Chhattisgarh, apart from this, its border is also found in Latehar district and Garhwa district of Jharkhand state.Actually, the village named Budha, after which the old mountain is named, that village is inside the border of Garhwa district, but the Naxalites use the area of ​​Latehar district instead of Garhwa for commuting, from the same side the Naxalites save the eyes of the police and incidents in other areas.

Due to the dense forest and the difficult area, reaching the top of this mountain has always been a challenge for the police, even though the police could not reach the peak, but it has definitely reached close to it. Roads have been constructed rapidly in the dense and inaccessible areas of the state. Its advantage was that 10 camps and pickets of CRPF and IRB were established on the way to Budha Pahar.

what are the problems

In the fight against Naxalites, the problem of road, electricity and mobile network is mainly facing the police. Initially, the Naxalites had opposed the installation of mobile towers here, as well as mobile towers could not be installed in some areas due to lack of roads. Similarly, electricity has not reached in most villages, the police have to run generators throughout the night to light the pickets and camps.

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