Sakinaka Case: Mumbai Police filed 350-page chargesheet, completed investigation in just 18 days

Pankaj Prasad
28/09/2021 21:26 IST
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Police has filed a chargesheet on Tuesday in the rape and heinous murder case of a woman in Sakinaka area of ​​Mumbai.

Sakinaka Rape Murder Case: The police on Tuesday filed a chargesheet in the rape and heinous murder of a woman in the Sakinaka area of ​​Mumbai.In the 350-page chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police, there is a complete raw list of the story of the cruelty and the cruelty of the accused.This will be the basis for getting the accused punished.Let us inform you that Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had ordered to file a charge sheet in this case within a month.After which charges were filed by Mumbai Police in just 18 days.

It is to be known that a 30-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a 45-year-old man on the intervening night of September 9 and 10 in Mumbai's Sakinaka area.After which the victim died.The brutality of the attack has been mentioned in the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police.According to the chargesheet, the victim was attacked so mercilessly that her intestines came out.According to the chargesheet, the accused victims knew each other and were close to each other.The accused was angry with the victim, as the victim had not fulfilled the promise made to the accused.

It has been told that the accused was trying to meet the victim.The accused was contacting the victim 25 days before the crime, but he was unsuccessful.According to the chargesheet, when the accused later saw the victim, he got angry and attacked her.He used a rod-like weapon to attack him.Due to which his intestines came out.According to the chargesheet, the statement of the watchman who called the control room, the people who saw the accused and the victim together and the doctor are important witnesses in the chargesheet.

After the rape in the Sakinaka area, the Mumbai Police scanned the CCTV footage.In this, much evidence were seen against the accused.According to the CCTV footage, the incident took place between 2.30 and 3.30 pm on the intervening night of September 9-10.In one of the footage, the accused is molesting the victim and was beating the woman.He attacked the woman with an iron rod.Not only this, after committing the crime, the accused cleverly puts the woman in the auto and escapes from there.After which the police admitted him to Rajwadi Hospital.Where he died during treatment on September 11.The 45-year-old accused was arrested by the police in this case.

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