Dead bodies of 5 people of the same family found at home in Palwal, Haryana, there was a stir

Pankaj Prasad
29/09/2021 11:51 IST
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Bodies of five people have been found in a house in village Aurangabad in Palwal district of Haryana.

Palwal.A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Palwal district of Haryana, adjacent to the country's capital Delhi.According to information received from Jagran correspondent, bodies of five people have been found in a house in Aurangabad village of Palwal district.The villagers are worried about this.Among those who lost their lives, apart from a woman and a man, there are also three children.

All those who lost their lives belong to the same family

Police are on the spot after receiving information about the bodies of five family members in the same house.At the same time, apart from the neighbors, other villagers are also being questioned in the series of investigations.

Palwal police say that apart from three children, the head of the family Naresh and his wife Aarti are among the dead.According to Naresh's father, when he saw it on Wednesday morning, five members of his family had turned into dead bodies.Naresh, who lost his life, used to run a hotel in Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh).It is being told that three months ago the hotel had started trading, but not much profit was being made.The loan taken from above had put him in trouble.According to preliminary information, there are no marks on the neck of Naresh, but there are no injury marks on the rest of the bodies.At present, the post-mortem is being done at the civil hospital.The picture will be clear only after this report comes.

Loved the family very much

According to the neighbors, Naresh loved the family very much.Whenever he got a chance, Jhansi used to talk to his wife on video call apart from chatting.

Significantly, in the third week of September, a heart-wrenching incident came to light in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka.Here the bodies of 5 members of the same family were found in a house.A 9-month-old girl was also among the dead.Now people are surprised by a similar incident in Haryana.

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