Threats To Ram Leela Artist: In Bareilly, the contractors of religion do not like Danish becoming Ram, threatening to kill him

Pankaj Prasad
29/09/2021 12:05 IST
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Danish, who played Ram during the Ramlila staging at the Winder Meyer Theatre, has received death threats.

Bareilly, Threats To Ram Leela Artist:Danish, who played Ram during the Ramlila staging at Winder Meyer Theatre, has received death threats.Danish, who reached the SSP office, said that he is a Muslim theatre.The character of Ram got him recognition.Now a man who runs a shop on rent in his house has been accused of pressurizing him not to play the character of Ramhave threatened them.Both the accused have already objected to this role of Danish.He told the entire matter to SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan.Baradari police has started an investigation in the matter.

Danish, a resident of Kasai Tola of Baradari, plays the character of Lord Ram in Ramlila staging for the past several years.According to Danish, for the past several years, both the accused have been refusing to stage him in Ramlila.This time after getting information about the staging in Ramlila, both of them came to his house.Armed with knives, they threatened him by abusing them.Said that if he played a character in Ramlila, he would kill him.

When she protested, the accused attacked her with a knife.In which Danish narrowly escaped.Somehow he saved his life by running away after the intervention of his cousin.In the whole case, there has also been talk of disputes with the Danish and the accused over the shops and electricity cut.Inspector Baradari Neeraj Malik said that the complaint has been received.The whole matter is being investigated.Further action will be taken based on the facts revealed in the investigation.

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