Bihar News: After the Chamki and viral fever, now the havoc of diarrhea on children in Muzaffarpur, one dead

Pankaj Prasad
29/09/2021 12:22 IST
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Diarrhea has started wreaking havoc in Muzaffarpur, Bihar after Chamki fever and viral fever.

After the viral fever in Muzaffarpur, now diarrhea has started wreaking havoc on children.According to the information, many people of the same family are in the grip of diarrhea in Rampur Balra village of Kudhni block of the district.In this, the five-year-old son of Ramji Ram, Hrithik Kumar alias Nitin, died of diarrhea.While Ramji Ram's eight-year-old son Munna Kumar, Prabhu Ram's wife Kavita Kumari are also seriously ill due to diarrhea.

Munna Kumar and Kavita Kumari were admitted to the PHC at around 9 pm on Tuesday night.Earlier, after Hrithik's condition became critical, he was referred medically from PHC after first aid.Where the doctor declared him dead before starting the treatment.The relatives reached home late in the evening with the dead body.

PHC in-charge Dr Dharmendra Kumar told that Munna and Kavita were admitted in the night after Hrithik.Will be referred for better treatment.He has told everyone to have symptoms of diarrhea.Told that a medical team will be sent from PHC on Wednesday.Spraying of bleaching will be done in the entire area.Local chief Premchandra Sahni sent children suffering from diarrhea to the PHC.Demanded from PHC in-charge to send medical team with necessary medicines and get sprayed.

Chamki and the viral fever has taken the lives of many children -Earlier, Chamchi has killedmany children in Muzaffarpur due to fever and viral fever.When the viral fever was on its peak last month, people could not even get a place in the biggest hospital SKMCH.

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