Jharkhand shamed, woman and her lover were stripped naked on charges of illicit relationship in Dumka, FIR registered

Pankaj Prasad
29/09/2021 12:31 IST
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Jharkhand shamed, woman and her lover stripped naked, illicit relationship in Dumka, FIR registered, Mayurnacha village, Mufassil police station

A shameful case has come to light in Dumka, in fact, on the charge of illegal relationship, the woman and her lover roamed naked for a kilometer in the whole village, in the case 40-50 unidentified people have been booked, in which 4 to 5 have been named.

Women Stripped Naked In Dumka:Villagers in Mayurnacha village of Mufassil police station area, alleging illicit relationship, stripped a woman and her alleged lover for a kilometer.This incident happened late on Monday evening.Both of them were also beaten up.Both of them somehow escaped from the clutches of the villagers and reached the police station and narrated their ordeal.On the statement of the victim, an FIR has been lodged against four named and 40-50 unknowns at Mufassil police station.

Victim's husband in jail, the young man came to meet him at home

According to the FIR lodged, the victim's husband is in jail for three years.On Monday afternoon, a young man working together came to meet him at home, where he was talking to his family members.During this, the villagers beat up the youth alleging illicit relationship.After this, both of them were beaten with a rope and took them to the chief's house.

In the evening, the village head and other people made them naked and roamed the whole village.Among those who did such an act were also close to the woman, who supported the villagers.During this, some villagers of another village Sagarbhanga also protested, but people kept harassing both, taking advantage of the opportunity, both of them fled from the village to reach the police station somehow.

Alleging illicit relationship, the villagers misbehaved with a woman and a man and beat her up.In the case, a case has been registered against four named and 30-40 unknowns at Mufassil police station on the statement of the victim.

Vijay Kumar,

DSP Headquarters, Dumka

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