Politics heats up in Punjab on Captain Amarinder's meeting with Amit Shah, big question - what will be the next step of the former CM

Pankaj Prasad
29/09/2021 22:16 IST
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Captain Amrinder Singh Politics has heated up in the state after former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh met Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Chandigarh.The politics of the state heated up after former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh met Union Home Minister Amit Shah this evening.After this meeting, speculation intensified in the political corridor of Punjab.Amidst all this, the big question is arising that what will be the next step of the captain.On the other hand, the BJP, which is facing opposition due to the farmers' agitation in Punjab politics, is expected to get a big relief from this in the state.If the captain comes closer to the BJP, then the political equation will change a lot in the 2022 Punjab assembly elections.

Political experts say that the political equation in Punjab is likely to change after Captain Amarinder Singh, who played an important role in setting up the farmers' movement, met Union Home Minister Amit Shah.Due to this sequence, then stir in the politics of Punjab has intensified.Congress leaders are shocked by the whole incident.

Political experts in Punjab say that if Captain Amarinder joins or moves closer to the BJP, there will be a big setback for the Congress in Punjab.Experts say that if the captain leaves the party after Sidhu's resignation from the post of Punjab Congress President, then the situation for the Congress will become 'Na Ghar Ke Rahe Na Ghat Ke'.The Congress was at the forefront of the assembly elections in Punjab under Captain Amarinder Singh, but giving Sidhu a free hand seems overwhelming.

After resigning from the post of Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh talked about keeping all his political options open.After this, due to his sudden departure to Delhi on Tuesday, the market of discussions in Punjab politics was heated.At that time, Raveen Thukral, who was the media advisor to Captain Amarinder Singh, had termed these discussions as mere speculation.

With Captain Amarinder Singh getting closer to the BJP, the BJP will get a big political life in Punjab.With this, the Punjab assembly elections in 2022 will become very interesting.The question in the whole matter is also that what role will Captain Amarinder Singh play in ending the farmers' agitation.Along with this, there is also speculation that the captain may get a bigger role if he joins the BJP.The Captain was demanding the Central Government to repeal all the three agricultural laws as the Chief Minister and resolve the issue of the farmers.

What can be the political options of Captain Amarinder Singh?

1. Captain Amarinder Singh can play an important role in ending the movement by holding talks with the central government of the agitating farmers' organizations.After this, you can announce your political path.

2. Captain Amarinder Singh can join the Bharatiya Janata Party by playing a role in ending the peasant movement.

3. You can form your own political party or front in Punjab.In this, he can prepare a new political front in the state by joining the disgruntled Congress leaders with him.

4. By staying in the Congress, he can give an answer to remove himself from the post of Chief Minister in the party by taking disgruntled leaders along.

5. At the national level, taking along with the disgruntled Congress leaders, you can challenge the Congress leadership by forming a new faction or camp in the Congress itself.It is discussed that in Delhi he will meet the Congress leaders of G-23.

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