Sand mining will start in 8 districts of Bihar from tomorrow, relief from increased prices

Khushbu Kumari Jha
30/09/2021 14:35 IST
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Sand Mining in Bihar: At present, sand mining can be started in only 8 districts of Bihar. In Bihar's Buxar, Arwal, Nawada, Banka, Vaishali, Bettiah, Madhepura, Kishanganj districts, sand mining will start from Wednesday.

Patna.Once again sand mining will start in Bihar from 1st October i.e. Friday.In fact, due to the ban of NGT, sand mining is currently banned in Bihar from July 1 to September 30, now once the ban is lifted, sand mining will start once from tomorrow.However, at present sand mining will be started in only 8 districts of Bihar.In Bihar's Buxar, Arwal, Nawada, Banka, Vaishali, Bettiah, Madhepura, Kishanganj districts, sand mining will start from Friday.At present, the lease period of the old settlers will be extended.Now in such a situation, it is expected that as soon as sand mining starts, the increased rate of sand will come down, which will give relief to the people.Recently, Bihar Mines Minister Janak Ram had also assured in a special conversation with News18 that sand mining would start from October 1.After that sand will be available at government price.In fact, due to the ban on sand mining, sand is being sold very expensive.Black marketing of sand is also in full swing.The sand mafia is selling sand for negligent money.When sand mining starts, the common people will get relief and black marketing will be stopped.Bihar Mines Minister Janak Ram told News18 that mining can start from October 1.Janak Ram told that an important review meeting of the Mines Department was held at the Chief Minister's residence, in which the methods of starting sand mining and stopping illegal sand mining were discussed at the earliest.Along with this, it was considered to stop illegal sand coming from other states.He told that it was decided in the meeting that sand mining should be started at the earliest.

Ban on sand mining in the rainy seasonIt has been said that the ban on sand mining was imposed due to rain.However, because of this, sand started selling illegally in the market at a very expensive rate.Along with the general public, people associated with the construction industry were very upset.It has been said that.The Mines Department was selling sand at the government rate, but due to transportation, it was selling very expensive.People did not get sand easily.Due to this the construction work also became very slow.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had also given many instructions in the review meeting of the Mines Department held recently.The Chief Minister had said that after the separation of Jharkhand from Bihar, sand was considered as the main source of revenue.After coming to the government, our government has made development in all the areas, due to this many sources of revenue have increased.The department should make continuous efforts to get sand easily and at a reasonable price.He said that keeping in mind the environment and ecological balance, all the work should be done.The CM said that the Mines Department should strictly curb illegal mining and take strict legal action against those involved in it.

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