Kangana Ranaut blames Aamir Khan for Samantha Akkineni-Naga Chaitanya divorce, know why

Pankaj Prasad
03/10/2021 08:43 IST
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Kangana Ranaut wrote: Shame on such people who get encouragement from the media and their fans.

New Delhi.Actress Kangana Ranaut gives her opinion on every issue nowadays.Whether it is a matter of politics, film, or someone's divorce.Recently, Kangana posted on her Instagram account about the divorce of South Superstar Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu.Kangana also targeted Aamir Khan on the pretext of divorce of the couple.Without taking the name of Aamir Khan, Kangana even told him 'Divorce Expert' in gestures.

Kangana got angry

Kangana Ranaut wrote on her first Instagram story, 'Whenever divorce happens, it may always sound conservative or too judgmental to say that it is always the man's fault, but this is how God created man and woman.Stop doing this kind of crap and pity who change women like clothes and then call them your best friend.One woman in a hundred may be wrong, but not all.

Told Aamir Khan responsible

In the same story, Kangana Ranaut further wrote, 'Damn on such people who get encouragement from the media and their fans.He cheers for them and judges women.Now the culture of divorce is growing more than ever.After this, Kangana raised questions on Chaitanya and Samantha's divorce and directly blamed Aamir Khan for it.

Naga Chaitanya doing a film with Aamir Khan

Actually, Naga Chaitanya has recently finished shooting for Aamir Khan's film Lal Singh Chaddha.During these pictures of Naga and Aamir also went viral on social media.Referring to him, Kangana wrote in her second story, 'Naga Chaitanya broke off her four-year marriage because in the past he has come in contact with a Bollywood actor and divorce expert.This actor has a lot of experience in divorcing.

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