Drone supply of corona vaccine started in the northeast, so far 25 percent of the population in the country has been fully vaccinated

Pankaj Prasad
04/10/2021 21:41 IST
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Mandaviya tweeted that the actual distance by road between these two places is 26 km.

New Delhi.Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Monday also started the facility to deliver the corona vaccine through drones to the far-flung areas of the Northeast.The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has started a service called E-Drone for this.Officials said that this is the first time that a 'Make in India' drone has been used to deliver a vaccine to South Asia.Through this, the vaccine was delivered from Bishunpur district Astal of Manipur to the primary health center near Loktak Lake in Karang Island.The distance of 15 km between these two places was covered in 12-15 minutes.

Mandaviya tweeted that the actual distance by road between these two places is 26 km.The first dose will be administered to 10 people and the second dose to eight people from the vaccine delivered at the primary health center.

Regarding vaccination, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said on Monday that 70 percent of the adult population of the country has been given the first dose of the anti-corona vaccine.A total of 91 crore doses have been given in the country so far.

The Health Minister tweeted, 'A strong nation, fast vaccination: India has given the first dose of corona vaccine to 70 percent of the population.Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country is setting new records in the fight against coronavirus infection.India keep it let's fight the battle against Corona.

The Union Health Ministry said that there were 88,05,668 vaccination sessions across the country.According to officials, 25 percent of the population has been fully immunized.States and Union Territories have 5,67,37,905 doses of vaccines.According to government data, the average number of doses given per day in a month has increased.In May, an average of 19.69 lakh doses were given per day, which increased to 39.89 lakh in June.At the same time, this number reached 43.41 lakh in July and 59.19 lakh in August.In September, an average of 79.08 lakh doses were given per day.

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