websites of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and all services of Facebook down. People go crazy at this peak hour.

Amit Kumar Jha
04/10/2021 21:58 IST
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Facebook down, Instagram down, Pinterest down, whatsapp down

When people are addicted to social media like facebook and instagram, and communication option like whatsapp, the company fails to serve at this peak hour.

Popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Whatsapp services that all belongs to Facebook is down for a long time for the web users.. users all over have gone crazy and don't know what to do. People are even thinking that may be their internet is down. This is something not expected by the users as people have now started living virtually on these social media platforms.

Now a days people instead of asking to text asks for a whatsapp and instead of a phone number asks for the Facebook or Instagram handle. A big mess for this long hours is breaking the hearts of millions.

The apps seem like performing but are not. users can see the cached version only.

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