Kejriwal government will solve the problem of pollution together with IIT Kanpur, MoU signed between the two

Maharanee Kumari
05/10/2021 18:18 IST
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Kejriwal government, problem of pollution, IIT Kanpur

The Kejriwal government is constantly making new efforts to tackle the problem of air pollution. Now the government has signed an MoU with IIT Kanpur.

New Delhi. Kejriwalgovernment is constantlymaking new efforts to deal with the problem of airpollution inDelhi. Now the government has signed an MoU with IIT Kanpur. This will now provide accurate information about the real-time source of air pollution in Delhi. This agreement has been approved in the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

An agreement has been reached between IIT Kanpur and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) regarding technology. After this, accurate information about the real-time sources of air pollution will now be available in Delhi. The sources of air pollution will be tracked in real-time. A forecast will be issued for air pollution management in Delhi.CM Arvind Kejriwal (CM Arvind Kejriwal) said that it would go a long way in identifying and addressing the various factors of pollution in Delhi.

Under the MoU, state-of-the-art supersites will be set up by IIT Kanpur to monitor air pollution including PM 2.5, NO2, CO2, elemental carbon. Forecasts will be issued regarding the level of AQI at various places in Delhi. Apart from this, a report will be prepared after analyzing daily, weekly, monthly and annual data regarding air pollution.

A state-of-the-art mobile air quality laboratory will be developed in Delhi.With the help of which air quality will be checked weekly and daily in different areas of Delhi with the help of a state-of-the-art mobile laboratory. At the same time, a detailed action plan will be prepared for Delhi for the short term and long term after a detailed analysis of air quality data received from supersite and mobile laboratories.

This is the first study of its kind by the government to trace the sources of air pollution, which will help in controlling air pollution, and with its help, the sources of air pollution will be tracked in real-time. The Delhi government will be the first to launch a study to trace and monitor the sources of air pollution on a real-time basis. This will go a long way in identifying the various factors contributing to Delhi's pollution and addressing those factors.

Help to Take Necessary Steps to Curb Sources of pollution will help in understanding the real-time impact of various pollution sources like fumes from vehicles, dust, biomass and stubble burning, and industries. Based on the results obtained from this, the Delhi government will be able to take the necessary steps to curb the sources of pollution.

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