Railways eased the journey from Ratlam to Agra, Udaipur and Mandsaur to Kota, 3 new trains started, see time table

Amit Kumar Jha
06/10/2021 10:42 IST
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West Central Railway has started services of Agra Fort-Ratlam, Mandsaur-Kota Express and Ratlam-Udaipur Express. These trains were closed in March 2020 due to the threat of corona infection.

Bhopal.Train services of India's West Central Railway are now slowly coming back on track.Not only new trains have started operating from the first week of October.Rather, the speed of trains has also been increased.After the first wave of Corona, many rail services, which were closed since March 2020, have been resumed from 1st and 2nd October.West Central Railway has started services of Agra Fort-Ratlam, Mandsaur-Kota Express and Ratlam-Udaipur Express.With this, now three trains are running for Mandsaur-Neemuch district in Kota day and night.Whereas for Udaipur also two trains have started getting passengers in the morning and evening.Passengers can also book Indian Rail tickets online from IRCTC.

Please tell that the passenger trains on Ratlam-Chittor rail section were DEMU andAgra Fort-Ratlamonly.Agra Fort was closed since March 2020.The services of this train have been started after about 19 months.It is being told that the villagers associated with small stations like Pipliyamandi, Malhargarh, Daloda, Kachanara, Harkiyakhal are getting the maximum benefit from running the passenger train.Kota Division of West Central Railway had released the timetable of Agra Fort-Ratlam, Ratlam-Udaipur and Mandsaur quota in the last week of September.The operation of these trains has also been started.

05912 Jamnabridge-Agra Fort Time TableThis train service has been started from October 1.Which is scheduled to depart from Jamnabridge (Agra) at 6:15 PM, which reaches Kota at 5:15 AM on the second day.From here via Bundi, Mandalgarh, Bassi, Chittor at 11 hrs, Nimbohera at 11:42 hrs, Javad Road at 11:46 hrs, Bisalwas Kalan at 11:56 hrs, Neemuch at 12:33 hrs, Harkiyakhal at 12:52 hrs, Malhargarh at 1:04 hrs, Pipliyamandi at 1:14 hrs, Mandsaur at 1:29 hrs, 1:57 hrs Daloda, 2:13 am via Kachanara, it is time to reach Ratlam at 3:45 pm.

09327 Ratlam-Udaipur Express departs Ratlamat 4:45 PM, Jawra at 5:03, Daloda at 5:38, Mandsaur at 5:51, Pipliyamandi at 6:10, Neemuch at 7:11, Javad Road at 7:34, Nimboheda at 7:47, 8:35. It reaches Udaipur at 11:45 hrs via Chittor.

09328 Udaipur - Ratlam Express departs from Udaipur at 1:30pm, from there via Mavli, Kapasan at 3:40 pm, Nimbahera at 4:15 am, Jawad Road at 4:28 pm, Neemuch at 4:46 pm, Pipliyamandi at 5:33 pm, Mandsaur at 5:47 pm, 6:04 am. It reaches Ratlam at 8 in the morning via Daloda.Similarly 09816 Kota - Mandsaur Special Express departs from Kota at 4:45 AM, which departs Bundi at 5:18 PM, Shyampura at 6.08 PM, Mandalgarh at 6:26 PM, Parasli at 6:48 PM, Bassi at 7.08 PM, Chittor at 7:50 PM, Nimbahera at 8:25 PM, Neemuch at 8:48 PM. Reach Mandsaur at 10:30 am.Whereas 09815 Mandsaur-Kota Special Express departs from Mandsaur at 11:35 AM on 1 October, Nimach at 12:01 PM, Nimboheda at 12:35 PM, Chittor at 1:15 PM, Dop.Bassi5 at 2:23 pm, Parasli at 2:38 pm, Mandalgarh at 2:58 pm, Shyampura at 3:15 pm, reaches Kota at 4:03 pm via Bundi.

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