Bihar Politics: Tej Pratap Yadav out of RJD! Shivanand Tiwari's statement created a ruckus

Pankaj Prasad
06/10/2021 21:17 IST
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Amidst the ongoing infighting in RJD, senior party leader Shivanand Tiwari has claimed that Lalu Yadav's elder Lal Tej Pratap Yadav is no longer in the RJD.

Patna.RJD (preferred leader among the infighting continued) Shivananda Tiwariclaimed that theLalu's sonTej Pratap Yadavis no longer in the RJD.He has been shown the way out of the party.On Wednesday, on a question related to Hajipur Tej Pratap, he said, "Where is Tej Pratap in the party? He has also formed a new organization. He is no longer in the party."On the question of expelling Tej Pratap from the party, he said, "What is the question of expelling. He has already been expelled."

Can't use lantern

Shivanand Tiwari said, "Tej Prataphad put a lantern symbol in the organization he had formed. But his party has opposed him for doing so. Now he himself has confessed that he cannot use the lantern symbol. That's it. The message is clear."

Targeting Congress

Shivanand Tiwari said on Congress's displeasure that "Where did RJD anger the Congress? We had also given information about whether we want to contest on both the seats. Tejashwi Yadav also said that Congress in charge of Bhaktacharan. He had already informed Das (Bhakta Charan Das) in this regard. In such a situation, Congress should not have contested. In the assembly elections 2020, Congress contested on 70 seats. But what was the result? From 25-30 seats But even his petty leader did not go to give a speech. If only contesting elections is the motive, then it will harm the politics of the country."

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