Indian Railways: Railway workers will get 78 days bonus, 19000 personnel of Chakradharpur Railway Division will get benefit

Pankaj Prasad
06/10/2021 21:19 IST
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The Union Cabinet has announced a bonus of 78 days for railway workers.

IRCTC/Indian Railways News (Chakradharpur, West Singhbhum):Railway Board Chairman Sunit Sharma has informed that a decision has been taken in the Union Cabinet to give 78 days bonus to railway employees.He told that before Durga Puja, the bonus amount will be paid to the accounts of all railway workers.With this, bonus money will also come into the account of about 19000 personnel of Chakradharpur Railway Division.

The DRM of Chakradharpur Railway Division was connected live with this announcement by the Chairman Railway Board.Senior DCM of Mandal Manish Kumar Pathak was also present with him.Railway Division officials saw and heard this press conference of CRB live in the DRM auditorium.About 19 thousand personnel of Chakradharpur Railway Division will be benefited from the bonus of 78 days.At the same time, bonus money is likely to come in the account of these workers by October 10-11.

In the midst of all this, CRB has said an important thing for railway passengers that very soon passenger trains will be run in those areas where corona infection is negligible.Not only this, it is also being considered to operate trains in these areas as before.The DRM of Chakradharpur admitted that the outbreak of corona in the areas where the division is spread is not as before.He has expressed the hope that the operation of passenger trains can be started in Chakradharpur Railway Division as before.

This news is pleasant for those poor section of railway passengers who were upset due to non-availability of passenger trains.Now it has to be seen how long the passenger trains operate as before.During this, the DRM also told that the development works are being done vigorously by the Railways for the smooth operation of the railways.Work is also being done to give all kinds of government benefits to the families of railway workers who died due to corona during the Corona period.

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