UPSC topper Shubham told the role of friend in student life and how to be your friend, said this on Bihari students

Maharanee Kumari
07/10/2021 11:25 IST
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Sharing the memory of his days of struggle in Delhi, UPSC topper Shubham Kumar told in the Legislative Council that the room was not found in the name of Bihari in Delhi for several days.

Patna. Shubham Kumar's life has completely changed after coming top in the UPSC exam across the country. After being at the top of the UPSC, every day they are being honored at some gathering and stage. In this sequence, UPSC topper Shubham Kumar was also honored in the Bihar Legislative Council on Wednesday. Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council Awadhesh Narayan Singh honored him with a memento and shawl. On this occasion, Shubham Kumar gave a shocking statement while sharing his old memories. Shubham told that when he went to Delhi for the first time to prepare for civil services, people in Mukherjee Nagar did not give a house in the name of Bihari for several days.

IAS topper Shubham Kumar said that when people knew that they had come here from Bihar, they would have refused to give the house. But, the situation has changed with the record of Bihari students in the UPSC exam. Shubham Kumar, citing reports received from friends, said that people in Mukherjee Nagar now want to keep Bihari students in their houses by offering them discounts. After being the topper, this is the most pleasant change to be seen.

Shubham told that keep few friends but keep good while addressing the people present in the Legislative Council, Shubham said that it is important to keep good friends while studying in life. Students should have few friends but should be good friends. Good friends always work to give you energy. Shubham also informed that before the UPSC results came, she had also started preparing for the next UPSC preliminary examinations. He said that I did not expect that I would top the UPC. Everyone should do their karma, the results automatically come.

Giving information about several fake social media accounts in the name of Shubham Kumar, UPSC topper Shubham Kumar also told that he should stay away from social media till he kept preparing and the result was not out. Shubham Kumar did not create an account on social media. After becoming the UPSC top, Shubham made his account on Twitter for the first time. Also said that before creating my account, fake accounts have been created in my name on which such information is being shared.

Shubham, who brought the telegram program on social media, also informed that he has also brought a telegram program on social media, through which the students preparing for UPSC will continue to share their experiences and ideas so that the youth can take advantage of it. On this occasion, Minister Samrat Chaudhary, Health Minister Mangal Pandey, and Secretary of Panchayati Raj Department IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh also honored Shubham Kumar.

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