Corona: Center's advice, celebrate the festival online, negligence will be heavy for 3 months

Rachna Kumari
07/10/2021 18:29 IST
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Corona case, Center advice, celebrate festival online

The central government has said that the coming three months are very important. Great care has to be taken in October, November and December.

New Delhi.In view of the dangers of the third wave of Corona, the central government has appealed to the people to celebrate the festival with precaution. The Ministry of Health has said that if possible, celebrate the festival indoors. Do not crowd and if you want to celebrate the festival with family or relatives then celebrate online.

The Center has given the example of other countries where the cases of corona increased due to negligence. The Ministry of Health said that it was seen in the festivals in England and the Netherlands that there was laxity and cases increased. The government says that taking a lesson from this, special precautions need to be taken for the next three months.

Within three months there are many festivals of all religions, every step has to be taken caution. Festivals like Dussehra, Navratri, Durga Puja, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, New Year are coming in the country. The next three months are very important. Caution has to be taken. Great care has to be taken in October, November, and December.

ICMR's warning earlier, the Indian Council of Medical Research had also warned people not to wander. Actually, at this time people all over the world are leaving their homes to roam. In India too, a large number of tourists are moving to the mountains. Crowds of people can be seen daily at tourist places.ICMR has warned that due to this habit of people roaming, the third wave of Kovid-19 may soon come into the country. Researchers from ICMR and Imperial College London, in their joint research, have said that such a vampire can host the third wave of corona in India. According to research, corona infection is expected to be at the highest level in India between February and March next year.

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