Teachers of these subjects will be appointed soon in 11 non-scheduled districts of Jharkhand, know how many posts are vacant

Pankaj Prasad
08/10/2021 07:05 IST
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Teachers will be appointed in 11 non-scheduled districts of Jharkhand.

Govt Job in Jharkhand 2021, Ranchi:Teachers will be appointed in the subject of history and civics in high schools in 11 non-scheduled districts of the state.To complete the related process regarding the appointment, the relevant letter has been issued by the Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms and Official Language.The letter has been received by the Department of School Education and Literacy.It has been said in the letter that the appointment has been completed in the scheduled districts in the subject of History / Civics.This matter is currently pending in the Supreme Court.

After deliberation in this matter, it has been decided that appointment in history/civil subject should be completed even in non-scheduled district.It has been said in the letter that the order of the Supreme Court can be waited to take action regarding the appointments in non-scheduled districts in Sanskrit and other subjects where the appointment is obstructed in the scheduled districts.It is noteworthy that in the non-scheduled district also, a letter of ban on the appointment was issued in November.

636 candidates will be appointed:

About 636 candidates will be appointed in 11 districts in History/Civil subject.Their appointment has been recommended by the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission.Appointment exam was taken in the year 2016.The recruitment process is likely to be completed by the end of November.

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