After India's retaliation, Britain ended the compulsion to remain in quarantine for Indians who took Covishield

Pankaj Prasad
08/10/2021 07:23 IST
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Britain has given this order after India's retaliation.

No quarantine for Indian travelers to UK: Indians who have taken both doses of the Covishield vaccine will no longer need to be quarantined during their trip to the UK from October 11 onwards, according to the British High Commission.

Britain has given this order after India's retaliation.Earlier, Britain had allowed Indians taking Covishield to travel to Britain but they were allowed with the obligation to keep the quarantine for 10 days.

After this order of Britain, the Indian government also banned the arrival of British travelers to India and put a condition for them to remain in quarantine for 10 days.Along with this, the RTPCR test was also made mandatory.

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