Blast in Afghanistan: Attack on Shia Muslims praying in Afghanistan, 100 killed, IS suspected of suicide attack

Pankaj Prasad
08/10/2021 21:44 IST
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Kunduz province, which has a large Shia Hazara population, was targeted in Friday's attack.

Kabul.More than a hundred people have been killed and hundreds injured in a bomb blast inside a mosque in Kunduz city of Afghanistan.A large number of Shia Muslims living in the area had come to the mosque to offer prayers when the blast took place on Friday afternoon.After the loud explosion, the mosque was filled with smoke and there was an outcry.When the surrounding people reached inside the mosque after the smoke had cleared, human parts were scattered on the blood-stained earth, all the injured were calling people for help.It is believed that it was a suicide attack.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the suspicion is on the Khorasan branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).The attacks of IS, which are taking root in Afghanistan, have increased significantly after the Taliban took power.The first major attack under the Taliban regime took place outside Kabul airport on August 26, in which 169 Afghan civilians and 13 US security personnel were killed.On Sunday, five people were killed in an explosion at the entrance of Kabul's Idgah mosque during prayers.

Kunduz province, which has a large Shia Hazara population, was targeted in Friday's attack.The mosque, located in the city of Kunduz, the capital of the province, was attacked when it was completely filled with worshipers.At that moment there was an explosion among the crowd.That is why it is suspected that the attacker was a suicide who blew himself up after reaching the prayers with the intention of causing more harm.The mosque building was also heavily damaged by the blast.Taliban's chief spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that a Shia mosque has been targeted in the terrorist attack.Many worshipers have died or were injured in the attack.The Taliban's special force has reached the spot and started the investigation by besieging the area.

The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day.

Let us tell you that after the withdrawal of the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan has worsened.Recently, Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner of the United Nations Refugee Agency in Pakistan, said that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is very bad and the international community should come forward for immediate help.Alam is that the economic system of Afghanistan has collapsed.People are facing the crisis of livelihood.

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