Nainital News: Corona attack on school, 4 children infected, area and administration in trouble

Khushbu Kumari Jha
09/10/2021 08:16 IST
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Nainital News, Corona attack, school, 4 children infected

After the opening of the school, there was a feeling of carelessness in a short time and now cases of Kovid infection have been reported in the school.

Nainital.After remaining calm for a few days, the sound of the corona has been heard again in the hot water area. There has been a stir among the school management, parents, and students after 4 students of Nainital's Ratighat school came to Kovid positively. However, the school has been closed for 2 days and a decision will be taken on the opening of the school on Monday. On the other hand, after the students are found to be Kovid positive, samples of their families are being taken. Actually, a few days ago, five coronas were found infected in the Garampani main market, after which now Kovid has taken four young people of GIC Ratighat in JD.

It is being told that the families of the infected newborns will also be sampled. Special teams have been formed for this. Let us tell you that after the opening of the school in the past, there has been an open violation of Corona rules. The negligence of not following the mask and social distancing seems to be overshadowing now. At the same time, the administration has claimed to follow the guidelines in schools, but eyewitnesses are telling that the compliance is being done negligibly.

The risk of the corona is increasing! The pace of corona infection is increasing. Corona test samples of school students have collected two days ago. In the investigation, all four children were found positive. According to Medical Officer-in-Charge Dr. Satish Pant, special teams have been formed for the corona examination of the families of the four children. At the same time, other students of the school will also be investigated. According to Principal SD Chaudhary, Saturday and Sunday are holidays in the school. After that only after the instructions of the higher officials, further consideration will be done.

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