Aryan Khan Drugs Case: Now NCB tightens the noose on the driver of Shahrukh Khan's son, investigation continues

Pankaj Prasad
09/10/2021 21:35 IST
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Aryan Khan's driver has been summoned after the arrest of Aryan Khan for taking drugs on the Mumbai cruise ship.

Aryan Khan's driver has been summoned after the arrest of Aryan Khan for taking drugs on the Mumbai cruise ship.The driver of Shahrukh Khan's son is currently in the NCB office and his interrogation is on.Sources have informed that NCB Zonal Director Samir Wankhede was holding a press conference a while back when he reached the NCB premises.

Along with Shah Rukh Khan's driver, in yet another fresh summons by NCB, producer Imtiaz Khatri is also being questioned by NCB at his office.The agency had raided Khatri's office and residence earlier in the day.While interrogation of Shahrukh Khan's driver is going on.

On the other hand, the latest report in Aryan Khan case is that according to the Panchnama presented by the NCB in the court, Aryan Khan admitted that he consumes charas and was about to take it on a cruise along with his friend and co-accused Arbaaz Merchant. The postmortem states that the charas was hidden in Arbaaz Merchant's shoes and the NCB had told him where he was.

NCB Punchnama claims, “IO Ashish Ranjan Prasad asked him if he accepted and then Arbaaz A Merchant said that the charas was hidden inside his shoe. The charas was taken out of the shoe by Arbaaz Merchant in the zip lock pouch and handed over to IO Ashish Ranjan Prasad. There was a black sticky substance in the zip lock pouch. It was tested with a DD kit which confirmed it to be charas." While Arbaaz A Merchant admitted that he was Aryan Khan Shahrukh Grab it with.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan was sent to Arthur Road Jail on Friday after he was denied bail by the court.His night was spent in jail.A police official said that along with Aryan, five other accused arrested in the case were also sent to Arthur Road Jail.Two women accused including Dhamecha were sent to Byculla Women's Jail.

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