Power Crisis in India: Power crisis deepens in the country due to shortage of coal, know its impact on your state including Delhi-Punjab

Pankaj Prasad
10/10/2021 10:37 IST
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The thermal plants in Punjab have only two days of coal left, due to which they have to cut up to six hours.

New Delhi.Due to the shortage of coal, the risk of a power crisis has increased.Power plants in many states have reached the verge of closure.Only one day's coal is left in Delhi and only two days' coal is left in Punjab's thermal plants.On Saturday, only half of the electricity requirement could be generated, due to which it had to be cut for six hours.There has also been a power cut for six hours in Jammu and Kashmir.There is a cut of eight to ten hours in rural areas of Jharkhand.Power generation was affected in several other states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.

The most worrying situation is in the national capital Delhi.Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to find a solution to the problem immediately.In the letter, he has given information about the availability of coal in those power plants, from which Delhi gets electricity.He said that according to the rules, the plants should have a stock of coal for about 20 days, but this has come down to one day.This has led to increased dependence on gas-based power plants, but they also do not have enough gas.He has sought the intervention of the Prime Minister's Office in this matter.Meanwhile, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) has sent an SMS alerting consumers about possible power cuts.

There is no power crisis in Haryana adjoining Delhi, but the situation in Punjab is getting serious.Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PowerCom) also bought power from other companies to meet the shortfall, but still had to cut power for two to six hours.In the state, 177 feeders remained closed for two hours, 68 for four hours and 17 for six hours.Powercom received 27 thousand complaints in a single day due to a power cut, while 24 thousand complaints were received on Friday.Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, while holding a review meeting, took notice of the companies not supplying coal in proper quantity despite the agreement and said that due to rapidly depleting coal reserves, the thermal plants of Powercom have been closed.Therefore, companies should immediately increase the supply of coal.

There is an undeclared cut of five to six hours in Jammu and Kashmir.After making one hour cut in one district, then it is cut in another district.In such a tax department, a total deduction of five to six hours in a day is taken.At present, Jammu and Kashmir gets 300 to 400 MW of electricity from thermal power.In winter, when the water in the rivers recedes, 50 percent of Jammu and Kashmir's supply becomes dependent on thermal power.

Due to the shortage of coal in Jharkhand, the production of electricity from power plants has reduced.Due to load shedding, there is a power cut for eight to ten hours in rural areas.Even in urban areas, there is a cut of two to four hours right now.Bihar is also the worst affected by the shortage of coal.In Rajasthan, the power supply is being cut for one hour every day.In Andhra Pradesh also, there has been a situation of a power cut.

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