Lakhimpur Kheri Update: Ashish Mishra, accused of Lakhimpur violence, on three-day police remand

Pankaj Prasad
11/10/2021 18:21 IST
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Ashish Mishra, accused in the Lakhimpur violence case, has been sent on three-day police remand.

Lakhimpur Kheri Violence:Ashish Mishra, accused in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case, has been sent on three-day police remand on Monday.Ashish will be kept in the Lakhimpur district jail under the Covid protocol.

Earlier, on Monday, the hearing in the CGM court was halted for some time due to technical reasons, after which the hearing was resumed at 2.30 pm.In the Lakhimpur violence case, the SIT had sought 14-day police remand ofAshish, but the court grantedthree-day remand ofAshish Mishrato thepolice.

In the hearing that started at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when the CGM asked Ashish's name, there was no sound from that side.After some time the court staff resolved the technical problem and then the hearing started.

There was a ruckusin the CJM court during the ongoing hearing to take Ashish Mishra alias Monu, the main accused of violence inLakhimpur Kheri, on police remand.During this, a crowd of advocates also gathered.In this ongoing action in CJM Court, Additional Director Prosecution Rajesh Srivastava has presented his side on behalf of the state government.At the same time, criminal lawyer Awadhesh Singh was present from the accused side.

During the hearing, defense lawyers said that Ashish Mishra has been interrogated by the police for 12 consecutive hours.In such a situation, what else does the police want to inquire?In response, the lawyer for the government side asked that you tell how Ashish Mishra has cooperated in the investigation?In the 12-hour interrogation, he was able to answer only 40 questions.They were also not satisfactory.Advocate Mohammad Khawaja filed the affidavit on behalf of the plaintiff.After hearing all the arguments, the CJM court has sent Lakhimpur Kheri violence accused Ashish Mishra on police remand for three days.

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