Coal Shortage in India: Railways will save the country from the coal crisis, the transportation of lakhs of tonnes is happening day and night

Puja Jha
12/10/2021 08:09 IST
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Coal Crisis, Railways, Thermal Power Plants

Coal Crisis: The number of coal rakes being loaded everyday has increased from 430 to 440-450 on Monday. On Monday, 17.7 lakh tonnes of coal was transported. Whereas, on the same day last year, this figure was 14.8 lakh.

New Delhi.The thermal power projects facing coal crisis should continue, this responsibility has been taken up by the Indian Railways.Trains are carrying coal day and night to power plants by increasing the loading capacity.There were reports that the stock of coal in many power plants of the country was very less.In such a situation, the government and related departments are on alert mode.In the Railways also, the officers have been instructed to be active and prepare hourly information.Along with this, the number of coal being loaded every day has also been increased.

The Railways is internally considering the shortage of coal as an 'emergency'.According to the Indian Express, the chief operating managers of all zonal railways have been instructed to keep the control rooms ready.Along with this, it has also been asked to prepare hourly bulletins for the ministry and general managers.Earlier, Energy Minister RK Singh has also expressed concern about the shortage of coal in the plants.

Here, the number of coal rakes being loaded every day has increased from 430 on Monday to 440-450.On Monday, 17.7 lakh tonnes of coal was transported.Whereas, on the same day last year, this figure was 14.8 lakh.The Indian Express report quoted sources as saying that even if the demand rises to 500 rakes per day, the Railways is ready to handle it comfortably.

According to the report, officials have informed that a large number of coal is coming from the eastern parts of the country and the work in such parts is done by the East Central Railway.Amidst the turmoil in the power and coal ministries, the railways had expressed confidence that there was no problem of transport capacity for them and that they were ready to transport according to the needs of the power house.

"Things will not return to normal in a day or two and we are ready to meet all the demands of coal transportation," a senior ministry official said.According to the report, apart from loading and unloading, the movement of empty rakes is also being closely monitored and sources said that the situation in November is being awaited, when there is usually a decline in demand.

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