If Grammar's mistake happened in Facebook post, the matter reached the court, may have to pay damages

Khushbu Kumari Jha
12/10/2021 11:12 IST
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If you do not check before posting anything on social media, then this news is for you only. A man from Australia had made a similar mistake, for which he is now in trouble.

Teachers have to work very hard to teach grammar or grammar lessons in childhood. Although many times we do not even pay attention to grammar errors, a small grammar mistake can land you in big trouble. A similar mistake was made by Anthony Zadravic of Australia, in return for which he has been sued for defamation.

An apostrophe S was missed while writing a Facebook post from Anthony, who lives in New South Wales. Although it was a small grammar mistake, the place where Anthony made this mistake was very sensitive. In such a situation, the person about whom this post was related, sued Anthony for defamation. If they lose this case, then they will have to pay heavy damages.

The apostrophe 's' implicated, in fact, Anthony Zadravic posted a post on Facebook on 22 October in the year 2020. In the post, he wrote accusing Stuart Jain, the officer of his company, that he is not paying the dues of his employees even after earning big money. In this post, Anthony mistakenly wrote Employees instead of Employees. In such a situation, it did not take long for the meaning to be lost. Where there was talk of payment of one employee, there was talk of payment of all employees. In such a situation, the company sued him.

The judge, while hearing the case in the court, said that if all the employees have not been paid, then it means that the mistake has been made deliberately. Even after the court cleared Anthony, the court has given permission to prosecute him for defamation. Anthony told the court that he did not intend to mention all employees, so the case should be dismissed, but the court rejected his argument. If they are found guilty in the case, they will have to pay a hefty fine.

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