It is not right to take aspirin to avoid heart attack and stroke - Expert

Maharanee Kumari
Maharanee Kumari 14/10/2021 11:33 IST
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Aspirin use to prevent heart attack may harm: The advice of aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack can be fatal.

Aspirin use to prevent heart attack may harm: Aspirintablets are present in every house. Be it headache or fatigue, people usually take an aspirin tablet and go to sleep. It definitely gives immediate relief. But it has many side effects.daily MailIn the news of the American expert has said that people who do not have heart disease, should not take the aspirin pill. They say that it can cause more harm than benefit to that person. The elderly who are consuming aspirin daily without heart disease should not do so at all. According to experts, even low doses of aspirin daily to avoid heart attack and stroke can harm health.US The US Preventive Services Task Force has issued a new guideline in this regard, saying that it is clear from recent evidence that daily use of aspirin has more side effects than benefits. The dosage should also be taken by those who have had a heart attack or stroke in the past.

This has been said in the new guideline

In fact, earlier in 2016, the same task force had advised that people who have not yet had a heart attack or stroke, after a certain age, can consume aspirin tablets daily. can be avoided, but the recent guideline is the opposite of the old.

Aspirin thins the blood

Aspirin is known as a pain reliever, but it dilutes the blood, due to which it becomes difficult for the blood to clot. That is, when there is a cut, it prevents excessive bleeding by forming a blood clot there. If it becomes thin, the clot will not be able to form, due to which the bleeding will not stop. In this situation, the most damage will be done when there is leakage of blood in the internal parts of the body. In the case of digestive tract or ulcer, blood starts leaking inside the intestine itself. If the clot is not formed quickly at that time, then the whole body can lose blood. This can be life-threatening. However, doctors have long recommended taking aspirin daily to patients who have had a heart attack or stroke before. This advice has not been changed, but for people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity and have not had a heart attack,

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