BB15: When Umar Riaz got hurt, brother Asim reacted like this, shared the picture and wrote .

Rachna Kumari
Rachna Kumari 14/10/2021 17:01 IST
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BB15, Umar Riaz, brother Asim Riaz

Asim Riaz, who was the runner up of Bigg Boss 13, has also shared the picture of his elder brother Umar Riaz and supported him. I

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 has gained momentum this year like every year and high voltage drama is being seen continuously in the show. The contestants of the show are also in constant headlines due to fights. At the same time, outside the house of Bigg Boss, the round of favoring their favorite contestants has started. Asim Riaz, who was the runner-up of Bigg Boss 13, has shared the picture of his elder brother Umar Riaz and supported him. In the picture shared by Asim, Umar has suffered a head injury.

Asim told on Instagram that his brother was hurt. He wrote, 'You give up everything for what you achieve because in every happiness there is an edge of pain. You will shine my brother.'Although Umar did not say anything to anyone after getting injured and kept doing his task calmly. In this post of Asim, users are commenting in support of Omar.

Himanshi Khurana also supported, while Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana has also supported Umar Riaz. He has shared Asim's post and has written 'Strong'.At the same time, the fans of Umar and Asim are also praising Umar Riaz's spirit.

Simba Nagpal had vented his angerSimba Nagpal had vented his anger on Omar during a task.He taunted Umar by saying words like 'Ganwar' and 'Fattu'.He even told Umar that he has reached here on the strength of his brother (Asim Riaz).Simba Nagpal had said, 'You have no place.You are jealous of your brother, so you want to be like him.

Let us tell you that Umar Riaz has studied MBBS, but now he has come into the world of modeling. He dominates social media because of his looks. At the same time, he was also in the headlines in the premiere episode.

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