Feng Shui Tips: Even a mirror in the house can change your luck, know these 6 things

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha 15/10/2021 14:45 IST
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Feng Shui Tips, Chinese Vastu Shastra Feng Shui

In Chinese Vastu Shastra Feng Shui, many ways have been given to increase the positive energy of the house.

According to Chinese Vastu Shastra, while placing a mirror on the main door of the house, keep in mind that the reflection inside the house should never be visible to outsiders. Its position should be such that the image of the visitors can be seen. This keeps evil forces away.

Chinese Vastu Shastra Feng Shui believes that the mirror of the house should never be broken. If you look at your face in such a mirror, then you are inviting your bad luck. This also leads to the loss of wealth and property.

According to Fengshui, if the mirrors are placed a few inches above the ground, then there is profit in business. Many other Vastu defects of the house are also resolved with this, but for this, the help of an expert should be taken.

In Chinese Vastu Shastra, special attention has been given to the fact that if there is a mirror around the bed in your bedroom in such a way that you and your partner are visible in it. If there is such a mirror in the bed or around, then remove it immediately, because of this there is a fear of bitterness in the relationship.

It is believed in Feng Shui that a mirror must be placed in the vault or the cupboard in which money is kept. This brings wealth. There is also growth in my career.

Some people sometimes put a mirror in the space under the stairs for decoration or use of the place. Remove this mirror immediately. The negative energy coming from this brings distance to a good relationship.

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