UPSC Exam Tips: How to prepare for UPSC exam, complete syllabus will be easy

Maharanee Kumari
Maharanee Kumari 15/10/2021 18:34 IST
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UPSC Exam, UPSC Exam Tips

UPSC exam is considered to be the toughest exam in the country. Some people take many years to prepare for it. It is not easy to clear this exam in one go, but with the help of these study tips, you can make it a little easier.

New Delhi (UPSC Exam Tips). Every year thousands of youth of the country sit in the Civil Services Examination i.e. UPSC Examination. Some people prepare for it by doing self-study tips, while some take the help of coaching institutes etc.UPSC exam is considered to be the toughest. The people sitting in it sacrificing everything for several months, just busy preparing for their studies and interview.

There are many such myths related to the Civil Services Examination, which are settled in everyone's heart and mind. If you or someone close to you is preparing for it, then you must know these things. It is necessary to pass this exam for a good government job (Sarkari Naukri).

The most difficult UPSC exams exam is considered to be the toughest exam in the country. Actually, the pass percentage of this exam is very less. Only half of the lakhs of candidates who applied for the exam appear for this exam. However, if the preparation is good, then this exam can also be given like any other common exam.

How many hours should you study? The Civil Service Exam is conducted in three phases (Preliminary, Main Exam, and Interview). A different strategy is made for the preparation of each stage. Some people believe that it is necessary to study for 16-18 hours to pass in it, while it is not so. Success cannot be judged by the hours of study (Success Tips). Every student is different from the other. Even 8 hours a day is plenty if studied well.

There is no difference between coaching and medium, some people feel that coaching (UPSC Coaching) is necessary to pass this exam, while it is not so. Everything is available at a single click these days. If you want, you can prepare by yourself also. Similarly, it does not matter whether you are from Hindi medium or from English medium. You are from any medium, just your concept should be clear and your confidence should be amazing.

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