Agra News: Major accident during Durga idol immersion, five people died due to drowning, two real brothers among those who died

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 16/10/2021 13:04 IST
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Five people including two real brothers drowned during the idol immersion.

Agra News:Five people including two brothers died due to drowning during idol immersion in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.It is said that the accident happened during the idol immersion in the Parvati river, the settlement of Agra.Five people including two real brothers drowned during idol immersion.By the time they were saved, they were already dead.DM and SP reached the spot as soon as the news of the accident was received.Regarding the incident, the police said that the five deceased who drowned in the Basedi Parvati river were residents of Jagner Bhawanpura.

Agra SSP Muniraj said that the accident happened during idol immersion in Parvati river.Some people drowned in the river.Later the police conducted a rescue operation.5 people died in the accident.All the deceased were residents of Bhawanpura village in Agra district.The bodies of all the deceased have been recovered from the river.

Police identified the dead

Rajesh (25), son Kalicharan

Ranveer (22), son Kalicharan

Satyanarayana (22), son Parikshit

Sanjeev (18), son Ghanshyam

Krishna (17), son Ramveer

According to eyewitnesses, villagers were immersing Durga idols in the Parvati river near the Bhuteshwar temple in the Bhuteshwar area of ​​Basedi in Dholpur.During this, five youths of the village got into the deep water with the Durga idol.Meanwhile, five youths drowned and died due to going into deep water.After this there was chaos on the banks of the river.People tried a lot to save the youth.But, did not get success.

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