Garbe Ki Raat Controversy: FIR registered against Rahul Vaidya and Bhumi in Surat, know what is the matter?

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 16/10/2021 21:32 IST
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Singer Rahul Vaidya and Bhumi Trivedi's song 'Garbe Ki Raat' is in constant controversy since its release.

Garbe Ki Raat Controversy: Singer Rahul Vaidya and Bhumi Trivedi's song 'Garbe Ki Raat' is in constant controversy since its release.Latest release The song has created quite a stir, especially among the Gujarati audience, with many saying that the song hurts religious sentiments.The video of this song stars Rahul and TV actress Nia Sharma in lead roles and is directed and choreographed by Rahul Shetty.

In the midst of this Hindi song, a part of the Gujarati folk song 'Ramva Aao Madi' has been added, which is not liked by the Gujarati audience.Now according to a report in ETimes, J.K.Rajput has filed a case in this regard at Amroli police station Surat for insulting religious faith and hurting people through misrepresentation.

It also mentioned that Bhumi Trivedi was unaware of the visual concept of the video and apologized to the community.However, the FIR emphasizes and demands that either the video song be removed from the YouTube channel or the channel should be banned from the platform.

Talking to ETimes, Bhumi Trivedi said about this controversy, "As a singer, I completed my audio recording of this song and got busy with my other work. I have nothing to do with the video. Like As soon as I saw the folk song part of it, I immediately removed all promotional videos from my social media. I myself condemn this kind of representation. I know very well and respect the songs we sing in Gujarat. I respect the essence."

At the same time, recently Rahul Vaidya's team had revealed that Rahul Vaidya is getting death threats for this song.He also said that the problem in the song will be fixed soon.Singer's team released a statement which read, "We would like to ensure that the Mother Goddess is mentioned with respect and not meant to hurt anyone's sentiments."

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