Delhi Police arrested the youth on the charge of sextortion, the accused is a resident of Bharatpur

Maharanee Kumari
Maharanee Kumari 16/10/2021 23:41 IST
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A victim told that such an accused had taken Rs 2 lakh from the victim. The accused was mostly using the numbers of Bharatpur and Assam.

New Delhi. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested Hakimuddin, a resident of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, revealing a sensational case of sextortion. It is alleged that it has trapped dozens of girls in its trap through the Facebook social media platform. Then started blackmailing them by preparing their pornographic video photos. According to Cyber ​​Cell's DCP KPS ​​Malhotra, the accused used to first make video calls to these girls through messenger and WhatsApp and then blackmail them by using technology to make the photos of the girls as mounted obscene. And big money was used to settle.

A victim told that such an accused had taken Rs 2 lakh from the victim. The accused was mostly using numbers from Bharatpur and Assam. The police have got information about the bank accounts of the accused. The police have arrested the accused through social media video technical analysis.

While the police are investigating after registering a case, some time ago it was reported that along with the Deputy Commissioner of Labor in the Jammu and Kashmir administration, members of the 'Thak Thak' gang allegedly looted in Khanpur area of ​​South Delhi. ) has. The police gave this information on Saturday. He told that the 47-year-old officer is a resident of Vasant Kunj. Police said that two three days ago when she was going to Faridabad by car, two people on a scooter signaled her to stop near Khanpur T-Point and said that fuel was leaking from the vehicle. A senior official said that when the woman stopped her car, one of them snatched her bag, which contained Rs 2,000, an ATM card, and her identity card. Thereafter the miscreants fled. He told that the woman has suffered minor injuries in the snatching. Police are investigating after registering a case.

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