IRCTC/ Indian Railways News: Due to Diwali and Chhath festival, crowd started increasing in trains, many seats got full

S Choudhury
S Choudhury 25/10/2021 17:53 IST
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People are eager to come to their homes for Diwali and Chhath festival. But, in many trains, no room is already running, so in many trains there has been a long waiting due to the seat being full. That's why people are worried about Tatkal tickets. A long queue is being seen at the ticket counter regarding this.

IRCTC/ Indian Railways News (Deoghar): There isa heavy rush in trains on Diwali and Chhath festivals. For a few days, all the seats in the trains are full. There is a lot of chaos in the trains for a few days due to the crowd in the trains and the seats being full. At the same time, passengers are seen standing in long queues at the ticket counter for Tatkal tickets.

Every day thousands of passengers are returning to their homes by train to celebrate Diwali and Chhath. Due to the crowd, there has been no room for many trains. The maximum congestion is in trains like New Delhi-Poorva Express, Mumbai-Asansol Express, Punjab Mail, etc. For passengers who have not got reservation in trains, there is only one option left in front of them immediately. At the same time, no special train has been run by the Railways for Durga Puja, nor has a special train been announced for Diwali and Chhath Puja till now.

These trains have to wait for status (as of October 24, 2021)

Up Train: Waiting
Poorva Express: 100
Humsafar Express: 30
Howrah-Dehradun Express : 35
Durg-Rajendra Nagar Express : 60
Vibhuti Express: 20
Bagh Express: 60
Punjab Mail: 110

These trains have to wait for status (as of October 24, 2021)

Down Train: Waiting
Raxaul - Howrah Express : 60
Punjab Mail: No Room
Udaipur - Kolkata Express: 20
Vibhuti Express: 100
Dehradun-Kolkata Express : 30
Poorva Express: 20
Jammu Tawi - Howrah Express: 30

Soon rail passengers will be able to travel on general tickets

Soon people are going to get relief from the railways. In some trains, passengers will get the facility to travel on general tickets as before. At the same time, the compulsion of reservation in the general bogie will end. It is to be known that after the infection of Kovid-19 reduced, the Railways started the operation of trains with some compulsion. The reason for this was to save the passengers from the infection of Kovid-19.

According to the information received from the railways, in view of the demand of the passengers, the board was written on behalf of the railways. After this, after getting permission from the Joint Director of the Railway Board to travel on general tickets in some trains, passengers will start getting the facility.

According to the railways, apart from Dhanbad-Patna Intercity and Ganga-Damodar Express running via Jasidih, some trains will soon get this facility. However, the date regarding this arrangement has not been announced by the Railways yet.

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