Lakhimpur Kheri violence: Again the screw over the statements of the witnesses, the hearing adjourned till November 8

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 26/10/2021 14:17 IST
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The hearing in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case was held once again in the Supreme Court today.

New Delhi.The hearing in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case was held once again in the Supreme Court today.This time again the screw related to the recording of the statements of the witnesses appeared to be stalling.During the hearing, the Chief Justice asked lawyer Harish Salve, appearing for the UP government, 'There were hundreds of people at the time of the incident.There are only 23 of them eyewitnesses?'Actually, UP's lawyer Harish Salve said in the court, 'The statements of 30 witnesses have been done before the magistrate.Among them, there are 23 eyewitnesses.Salve further said that we also issued advertisements for testimony.Video evidence has also been found.The investigation continues.Eight people, including four farmers and a journalist, were killed in a violent incident earlier this month.The court has taken suo motu cognizance in the matter and also pulled up the Uttar Pradesh Police for unsatisfactory action in the investigation in the previous hearings.The son of the Union Minister is also one of the main accused in this case.

There were 4-5 thousand people, even then they were not recognized?

During the hearing, the court clearly asked that there were 4-5 thousand people there.Was everyone local?On this, lawyer Salve said yes and said that only a few people were from other states.The court said that they are also agitating for the investigation.Then what is the problem in identifying them?

The top court said, “Identification of serious witnesses is essential.Get the video tested quickly, otherwise we will have to instruct the lab.At the same time, the matter of protection of witnesses was also talked about.Apart from this, this time the court said that the report filed by the state showed progress in the investigation.We direct the security of the witnesses and the statements of all should be recorded before the magistrate.

Answer sought from UP government on investigation of journalist's death

On the other hand, during the hearing, the family of Shyam Sundar's wife Ruby Devi and journalist Raman Kashyap, who were killed in the incident, have complained about the lack of proper investigation.The Supreme Court has asked the UP government to submit a report on this.The next hearing was adjourned to November 8.

During the last hearing, the Supreme Court pulled up the Uttar Pradesh Police, questioning the slow pace and intent of the investigation.The Supreme Court questioned the state government on the arrest of the accused, the status of police and judicial custody of the accused and the process of recording the statements of witnesses and victims, saying, "We feel that you have been slow to delay." .Please dispel this notion.'

At the same time, last time while talking to the lawyer appearing for the UP government, two cases were counted in relation to this violence.One is of trampling farmers with a car and the other is of lynching three people, in which investigation is a bit difficult as the accused have to be identified from the crowd.To this, the Supreme Court said that it would separate the two cases.Here only the farmers are being heard when they are trampled by the car.

During the last hearing, the Supreme Court also expressed displeasure over the status report from the UP government."The last-minute status report was filed by the state government," the court said.After this, the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing till 26 October and asked to report a day earlier.

When the Uttar Pradesh government gave the status report in the Supreme Court, the court said that you have recorded the statements of 44 witnesses, out of which only four have been recorded before the magistrate and their statements should also be recorded in 164.The government sought time from the court for this.The Supreme Court also asked the Uttar Pradesh government to provide proper protection to the witnesses.

Ashish Mishra, son of Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra, was arrested by the police six days after he was considered an accused in the incident at Tikunia village in Lakhimpur Kheri.It was alleged that in view of the political patronage of the accused, the police delayed the action.

Let us inform you that on October 3, in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, there was an incident of people protesting against the agricultural law being crushed by a vehicle, after which the violent protesters present there thrashed three people including the driver of the vehicle. had done.A journalist also died in this incident.A total of eight people were killed.Supreme Court lawyer Shiv Kumar Tripathi had written a letter to the Chief Justice in this matter requesting him to take cognizance of the incident.

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