Amit Shah's ministry adopted corporate culture, security forces and agencies give work report

Pankaj Prasad
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It has been made mandatory for all security forces, investigative agencies and police departments.

New Delhi:Under the leadership of Amit Shah, the Home Ministry has adopted a corporate work culture.Security forces and investigative agencies have to submit daily work reports at 9 am every day.Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had asked the key officers of all the departments under him to submit their work report and planning to his office every day at 9 am.

Top sources have given this information.If sources are to be believed, Delhi Police also has to send its work report every day.It has been made mandatory for all security forces, investigative agencies and police departments.Its entire chain has been made.All security forces get reports from each of their units, on the basis of which top officials prepare their work reports.Sources have said that senior officers have to submit their work report on 5 points to the Union Home Ministry.

In the report that the officials give to the Home Minister, they have to tell which five works they are going to do today.What is his plan for today's actions?Sources have said that apart from the Central Security Forces Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Force (SSB), and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), investigative agencies working under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police has to submit this report.

It is not that the work of the officers ends after sending the work report.Security forces and police agencies are also required to send compliance reports to the ministry every day.He has to inform the Home Ministry every day about operations, seminars, special work for the public and visits of top officials.

This information is mandatory in the daily report

According to a report in News18, if any force like CRPF, BSF or any other agency has planned an operation in Kashmir or Naxal-affected area, then it is mandatory to mention it in the daily report.

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Quoting the official, this news channel has said that this helps the ministry to monitor the day-to-day work of all forces and agencies.It has been told that this corporate culture has been adopted for the last few weeks.This report reaches to the top level.