Prayagraj News: Brother was suspicious of sister, dead body found buried in the house, mother hanged her life

S Choudhury
S Choudhury 11/11/2021 08:27 IST
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In Prayagraj, the mother first committed suicide by hanging, a day after the incident, the body of the deceased woman's daughter was recovered from the house, however, the girl's body was recovered from inside her house on Wednesday morning when the pit was dug by her brother. Tax was taking out the dead body for disposal.

Prayagraj news: A heart-wrenching case has come to the fore in Prayagraj.Police recovered the body of a young woman from inside her house on Wednesday morning when her brother was digging a pit and being taken out for disposal. On hearing the arrival of the police, he fled from the spot. Police sends dead body for post-mortem. At present, the police is busy in further action.

A day before the body of the deceased teenager was recovered, mother Sushila Devi had gone to her father's second house in Oharpur village of Soraon. Where he committed suicide by hanging himself on the noose. On the information of the incident, Sorao police sent the dead body of the deceased Sushila for post-mortem and got involved in the investigation of the case.

After the post-mortem, when the body of the deceased Sushila reached her house, the villagers started discussing the disappearance of Nandini, the daughter of the deceased. Hearing the discussion of Nandini's disappearance, the brother took out the dead body in the house and wanted to perform the last rites with the mother.

Along with the mother, Nandini's brothers started digging to find the dead body of the sister buried in the house late on Wednesday night to perform her last rites. During this, the Mauaima police raided and recovered the girl's body. After the post-mortem, the body was buried at Phaphamau Ghat. The police is now waiting for the post-mortem report of the deceased. The brother of the deceased teenager is absconding since the body was recovered.

Brother doubted the character of sister

According to the local people, the brother of the deceased had doubts about the character of the sister. There was a discussion among the villagers with suppressed tongue that he had killed the sister on the basis of suspicion and buried the dead body in the house. At the same time, the suicide move of the deceased teenager's mother Sushila has given more emphasis to this point. However, the police is engaged in the investigation of the matter. The brother of the deceased girl is still absconding.

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According to the information, Sushila Devi, the eldest of the daughters of Ram Dayal, resident of Mauaima police station area, lived with her children in the father's house in the maternal house. Four sons and the deceased Nandini (16) lived with their mother (deceased) in their maternal grandmother's house.

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