Chandra Grahan 19 November : After 580 years such a lunar eclipse will take place, important things and timings related to this lunar eclipse

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha 18/11/2021 22:23 IST
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There is a partial lunar eclipse on 19 November 2021. Although it will be visible in very few parts of India, but the lunar eclipse in the month of November is special in itself. Know some special things related to the lunar eclipse on November 19.

The last lunar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on November 19.According to Indian time, this lunar eclipse will take place at 11:34 in the morning on November 19, which will remain till 5.33 in the evening.During this time worship and other auspicious work will not be done.Know other things related to this.

On November 19, due to the greater distance between the Moon and the Earth, this lunar eclipse is going to be of a very long duration.This lunar eclipse on November 19 will be Khandagras lunar eclipse.According to the Hindu calendar, a lunar eclipse always takes place on the full moon date.According to Indian time, the eclipse will start on November 19 at 11:34 am and will end at 05:33 pm.The total duration of the eclipse period will be about 05 hours 59 minutes.Let us tell you that before this lunar eclipse, this long lunar eclipse took place on 19 February 1440.That is, after 580 years, a lunar eclipse of such a long duration is going to take place on 19 November 2021.And after this, on February 8 of the year 2669, there will be a lunar eclipse of such a long duration.According to NASA, there can be a maximum of three lunar eclipses in a year.It is estimated that there will be a total of 228 lunar eclipses in the 21st century.

The partial lunar eclipse on November 19 will last from 11:34 in the morning of November 19 to 5.33 in the evening according to Indian time.This lunar eclipse can be seen in Imphal, the capital of Manipur and its border areas in India.

The partial lunar eclipse on November 19 will be the last lunar eclipse of this year i.e. 2021.Earlier this year, there was a lunar eclipse on 26 May, which was called Supermoon or Redblood Moon due to its red color.

A solar eclipse is also going to happen 15 days after the partial lunar eclipse on November 19.This will be a total solar eclipse which will take place on 4th December 2021.

The lunar eclipse, which is going to happen on November 19, can be seen in many parts of the world like Europe, Australia, North-South America, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, Indian Ocean and Asia.

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When the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, this phenomenon is called a lunar eclipse.But when the entire moon is in the shadow of the earth, then a total lunar eclipse occurs and when only one part of the moon is in the shadow of the earth, then in such a situation a partial lunar eclipse occurs.

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