Lalu Yadav reached RJD office after 4 years, lit a lantern weighing 6 tons

Rachna Kumari
Rachna Kumari 24/11/2021 16:46 IST
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RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav reached RJD office after almost 4 years. Here he lit the immortal flame of a lantern made of marble weighing 6 tons. The RJD supremo also addressed during this.

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav reached RJD office today after four years.Lalu Yadav reached the RJD office and lit the Amar Jyoti in a stone lantern weighing six tonnes and unveiled it.The office was decorated for the arrival of the RJD president.There was enthusiasm among the workers.

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav reached RJD office on Wednesday.Lalu Prasad reached the party office today after almost 4 years.The party office was decorated for his arrival.For a few days, its preparation was being done rapidly.When Lalu Yadav reached the party office today, enthusiasm was being seen among the workers.After his arrival, the supremo was given a grand welcome.

The RJD supremo unveiled the special lantern of RJD after reaching the office.A 6-ton stone lantern has been placed in the party office.This lantern is made from pink colored marble stones.Lalu Yadav lit its immortal flame here.The flame of the lantern will keep burning for 24 hours daily.Along with unveiling the lantern, Lalu Prasad also addressed.

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Lalu Yadav was in constant discussion today.Lalu Yadav also drove his first jeep on Wednesday morning.When Lalu Yadav went out on the streets of Patna with a jeep, the pictures and videos started becoming increasingly viral on social media.Lalu Yadav's health has been ill for a long time.Meanwhile, his supporters were very happy to see his leader driving the car.

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