Farmers march to Delhi: 1000 tractor-trolleys will be included from Punjab, today there will be a gathering on the border

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 25/11/2021 07:32 IST
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The United Kisan Morcha has announced the march to Delhi on 26 November. After the return of the Agriculture Act, now there is a demand for guarantee on MSP.

After the withdrawal of agricultural laws, now the preparations for the farmers' trip to Delhi have started for other demands including guarantee on MSP. In this the farmers of Punjab are also preparing. More than 1000 tractor trolleys will be involved in the march from the state to Delhi on November 26. On Thursday, all the farmers involved in the march will gather at the borders of Delhi.

On November 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws of the Centre. After this it seemed to everyone that the peasant movement would end and the borders of Delhi would be empty. Contrary to the estimates, the farmers are still standing on dharna for other demands.

The United Kisan Morcha has also announced to continue the agitation regarding MSP and other issues. On the call of United Kisan Morcha, farmers are preparing for the march to Delhi on 26 November. Thousands of farmers from Punjab are also joining the march. About 1000 farmers from rural areas of Punjab have left for Delhi on Wednesday with tractor-trolleys.

Farmers want discussion on these demands

After agriculture laws, farmers now want guarantee of MSP. Apart from this, farmers are demanding cancellation of electricity research bill in Parliament. Farmer leader Swaran Singh said that the cases against the farmers registered so far should be withdrawn keeping the farmers out of the Pollution Act.

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