Revealed: Former students of Pakistan madrassa are sitting in high positions in Afghanistan, occupying many prominent positions

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 28/11/2021 10:14 IST
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Located in the troubled Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, this madrasa has had a huge impact in Afghanistan.

The Darul Uloom Haqqaniya Madrasa in Pakistan is one of the largest and oldest madrassas that has been fueling violence across the region for decades. Critics have also dubbed it a Jihad University. This madrasa has trained more Taliban leaders than any other school in the world. The alumni of this madrassa now occupy prominent positions in Afghanistan.

The Taliban leaders occupying political positions in Afghanistan are a witness to the fact that Pakistan is a factory of spreading fanatics in the world.

The school has argued that the Taliban should be given a chance to show that they have moved on from their bloody ways since they first ruled Afghanistan two decades ago.

The world has seen the capabilities of the Taliban to run the country, both on the diplomatic front and on the battlefield, said Rashidul Haque Sami, the madrassa's vice-chancellor. Sami's father was murdered at his residence in Islamabad in 2018. He was known as the Father of Taliban. Out of respect,
Haqqaniya Madrasa Vice-Chancellor Rashidul Haq Sami (41) said unequivocally, "We are proud that our students in Afghanistan first broke the Soviet Union and now returned US forces." It is an honor for the seminary that its graduates are now ministers and hold high positions in the Taliban government. The victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan is a matter of great pride for the students of the madrassa.

Afghanistan's Home Minister, Foreign Minister and many ministers, commanders and judges, came out of the madrasa

The new caretaker interior minister in Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is an alumnus of the Darul Uloom Haqqani Madrasa in Pakistan. He led the fighters and the US had placed a $5 million bounty on his head.

Afghanistan's new Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki and Higher Education Minister Abdul Baki Haqqani have also studied from here. Madrasa administrators said that Afghanistan's justice minister, head of the hydro-electricity ministry and governors of several provinces, as well as military commanders and judges, have also left the Haqqaniyya madrassa.

Over 4 million children out of school, more than half of them girls: UNICEF

Kabul: The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has said that more than 4 million children are out of school in Afghanistan and girls have been most affected. Girls comprise more than half of the total number of out-of-school children in the country.

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The United Nations also said that it has contributed to the education of more than 1,42,700 Afghan children in the past three months. But much more still needs to be done. A report by Tolo News also said that there has been a big drop in the number of children appearing for the examination in the country as compared to the previous years.

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